Saturday, July 20, 2013

FOUND!!!!! Trouper is Missing! Please help!

My beloved 15-year-old Border Collie "Trouper" went missing on Thursday morning (7/18), at about 11am from 175 East Rocks Road, Norwalk, CT. He walked off the property after being alone for only a few minutes - my brother literally went inside for a glass of water - and we haven't seen him since.

Aside from scouring the neighborhood and adjacent wooded areas, we've posted all over Facebook, plastered the area with flyers, contacted vets, ACs, the police - everyone we could think of. Being in the rescue community has been a blessing - with everyone sharing, I know the word is definitely getting out there that Trouper is missing.

We received one call that he may have been spotted on Thursday night at about 9pm, almost 5 miles from home (if you were to drive it; probably 3-3.5 miles if he followed streams and brooks). Unfortunately, the person hadn't seen our flyers or posts until yesterday around 2pm. We checked out the area, but didn't see him - we put up more flyers around there as well and our fingers are crossed that we'll get a call or two.

I'm working with a tracker starting tomorrow morning (she's been booked and this is the soonest she can get here). She's had a lot of success in finding dogs, and happens to be the mom of a very popular missing dog in our area, Andy (Bring Andy Home). In the search for Andy (more on her story and her search for Andy here), Jordina became a tracker herself and is now a full time field agent with Lost Pet Professionals. She knows first-hand the grief we feel when a pet is lost, and I have no doubt that she will do all she can as we search for Trouper. Yes, it will be expensive, no I'm not rich, yes other bills will go unpaid. I don't care - I'm heartbroken and frantic to find Trouper and get him home safely.

If you're in the area, or know people in this area (Norwalk, CT) - please share this poster! I'll be forever in your debt. I want my poor, old Trouper home - safe and sound.

Thank you all!!


  1. I can't imagine how scary and difficult this must be. We are thinking of you out here in Chicago (and shared on our Facebook!) and hoping he comes home soon.

  2. Oh no we pray you find him. We are across the pond so of no real use but rest assured we are thinking of you.
    Best wishes Molly with paws tightly cosset.


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