Friday, April 2, 2010

From One Bark at a Time: Neopolitan Mastiffs Belle, Bronx, & Puppies – Can You Help?

Can you help?

Belle and Bronx are Neapolitan Mastiffs, and beauties, too. They have been breed, over and over, by an owner who saw them as an opportunity. Now, the owner has to move, pronto. Enter Kelly, rescue queen and angel. Did I mention that Belle was pregnant, and birth was imminent?

When she arrived at the owner's house, she found two lovable animals who needed a second chance at life, beyond the one that they currently knew. She saw the opportunity to have these gorgeous animals altered, and to give them new lives as companion animals rather than breeding machines. Read the story here at One Bark at a Time.

Of course, most people jump for the puppies and my understanding is that Kelly has received many inquiries on them.

But what about mom and dad? Please consider one of these gentle giants. Wouldn't it be nice if Belle and Bronx could be placed together? :)

General notes about Neapolitan Mastiffs: Neos can be great pets for the experienced owner; they're not for everyone. They're best in an adult-only home, and aren't good around smaller animals (cats or dogs). They're generally peaceful and steady-tempered. I HAVE NOT MET BELLE OR BRONX, so I cannot speak for their temperaments. Please contact Kelly for more information.

If you know people in the Toronto or Ontario area who might be looking for a dog and might be a good fit for either Belle, Bronx, or one of their puppies, please contact Kelly directly.

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  1. It is so sad :( I hope they find a home with people who respect and love animals so they can have a proper life.


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