Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stooopidist Pet Products. Ever.

A friend pointed out this story from the Huffington Post to me yesterday. I've already seen a few of these products, but others had me rolling on the floor. My fave is probably the Papillon in the contraption at the table:

Here in CT, a local TV personality often has our shelter on her show to help promote our animals and the plight of homeless and neglected animals in general. Whenever she has a guest who is promoting their products, she insists that animals from area shelters are the models. Needless to say we LOVE her.

She negotiates with her guests so the products featured are donated to the shelters and we can either use them or sell them - whatever is best for us. We've gotten some pretty amazing stuff through this woman, including very expensive and warm doggie coats which we put to good use during our cold and yucky winters, wonderful beds which go to our geriatric dogs, and other items we couldn't otherwise afford to purchase for the shelter.

Well, one of the items donated last year was the pink Croc-like bed, an amazingly hideous addition to any home:

So, first you have to picture me on the show with a few of our dogs, trying to keep a straight face as this thing is trotted out. "Yes, L, it's beautiful! I can see how cozy it would be... In the living room, yes, of course..." Naturally, she's seasoned and she can go on and on about a rock it that's what she has to do. I'm just trying not to fold myself under the chair and into the Pit Bull who actually IS rolling on the floor next to me, laughing.

But, everyone has their own taste; someone bought the pink Croc and there's an animal out there whose pride is currently being crushed on a daily basis.

So, after looking at the products, what's your favorite?


  1. I've seen the People Crackers in stores (or at least something similar) so that's not really stupid. But the funniest is the Poop Freeze spray. Actually, if you have to pick up poop, especially the "loose" stuff, this would make it a whole lot easier.

  2. Those croc things don't even look that good on peoples' feetsies. Why would anybuddy wanna sleep in one?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. Hey Pibble,
    that was fun.Yeah,hooman do go Krazy Crazy sometimes. but we do like some of the stuff.
    like Ginger likes that nice white coat. is it real fur? then of course we say STRICTLY NO NO.
    i rather like that freeze poop spray thingie.
    u see, my poop isn't that firm n mummy n daddy finds it messy to pick it up.
    it would sure help them, don't u think?

    btw, thanx fr comin by ours n Mummy's blogs.we hope to see u again
    wags, Buddy n Ginger

  4. I think this one beats them all!

  5. Oh, I have to be honest - I have pink crocks with the fuzzy lining in them for myself to wear. They are great when it is cold and I am cooking on our hard floors. But even I wouldn't buy the croc bed.

    But some of the ones listed aren't too bad - the stroller is a cute idea (though we think more for cats so they can go out without going out - dogs usually like to walk) and we know a few people with them, and we know a few people who have potty trained their cats too. But for us they aren't really our style.

  6. there are some terrible things out there

  7. Can I pick a least favorite instead? :)

  8. Yeah, that croc was so funny! I remember the first time we saw it at the shelter. Heehee!


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