Monday, November 19, 2012

UPDATED!! Limited Edition T to Benefit PAWS

Only available through Dec. 2nd.
For every shirt sold, Paws will get $6!!
{The link to purchase the t-shirt has been updated! See below...}

Check this out!

Social Pakt is offering a limited edition t-shirt, customized for PAWS! For every t-shirt sold between Monday, Nov. 19th and Sunday, Dec. 2nd, PAWS will receive $6 - you get a great looking shirt and PAWS gets a generous donation!

The t-shirt was designed by Los Angeles-based artist Jane Mager. It's a really cool-looking shirt and... is that a sweet pibble on the front cuddling with a kitty?! Why yes, it is!

The goal of the two-week campaign is to raise both awareness of PAWS and some much-needed cash for our programs. We hope you'll not only purchase a t-shirt, but help us spread the word!

The t-shirt is only available until Dec. 2nd and can be purchased at this link.

Thank you on behalf of all the furry friends we have at PAWS, waiting for their forever homes!


  1. Adorable t-shirt! I love the look the cat is giving the dog.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. We hope they get lots and lots of orders and money for those pups.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Nice post! We sure hope lots of these cool shirts are sold!

  4. The key to a great tee campaign is clicking "Share" a whole lot! :-)

    $6 from every shirt goes directly to the non-profit. Thanks for supporting PAWS!


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