Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the meanest of them all?

Say what?! How could you tell me that those sweet little wiener dogs are vicious? Well, these guys insist they're the meanest of them all. (Jeez, not pit bulls?!)

According to their study, behind the big brown peepers of that cute little Doxie lurks an evil, black heart, ready to nip the life out of your ankles.

[Side note: A friend's Cairn terriers made mincemeat of his finger last week, over the 4th of July weekend. Apparently, he tried to break up a nasty spat over a piece of hamburger that fell off the grill. Yes, Do's cherubic little dog bit through his fingernail, broke the bone in his fingertip, shredded - literally - his finger from knuckle to fingertip, on both sides, until the poor guy shrieked "uncle." That'll teach ya never to interfere with Mother Nature. Especially when there's food involved. As Toto said, "there's nothing like burger, there's nothing like burger..." You done with those fries?]
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