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Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Awards!

Wow - what a weekend! We were given two awards from our friends at The Pitbull Palace and K-9 Catastrophe  (don't you love the names of their blogs?!)!

The Pitbull Palace gave us the Liebster Blog award which we just received recently. But we don't mind getting it again because it means we made a new friend and met a fellow pit bull lover!

K-9 Catastrophe gave us the Versatile Blogger Award. Pretty cool, huh?! Ruthie is a wonderful lady with 14 dogs - how can you not love her!

Both of these awards come with some rules.

I'll start with the Liebster Blog award.

1 - Copy/paste the award to your blog - Done!
2 - Link back to the blogger who gave you the award - Done!
3 - Choose five blogs with fewer than 200 followers and let then know you've given them the Liebster Blog award - Done!
4 - Hope the five you've chosen will continue to spread the love! 

Here are the five I've chosen - now it's your turn to spread the love!

Now, on to the Versatile Blogger award!

1 - Thank the blogger and link to their page - Done!
2 - Share 7 things about yourself - Done!
3 - Pass the award on to as many as 15 other blogs you enjoy reading and let them know

Seven things about me:

1: I LOVE being involved in animal rescue! There's nothing like helping an animal in need, watching them heal, and finding them a great, loving home.

2: I'm very boring. I prefer a quiet night at home with my pooches to a "big night out." 

3: I'm really hooked on the PBS series Downton Abbey!

4: I love taking naps with all five of my dogs on the bed. Not that I actually sleep... there's no room for me!

5: I love the people of Blogville. They're warm, loving, and extremely generous. They're all you could hope for in a community!

6: I'm actually allergic to cats, but that doesn't keep me away from the animal shelter - or the cats there!

7: In rescue, I've been bitten by several dogs. Some bites have been nips, some have been quite bad. I've NEVER, EVER been bitten by a pit bull. What does that say? :)

Since I can't possibly choose from the hundreds of bloggers that I love, I'm going to award this to all of my bloggy friends! If you'd like to pick up the award, please do. I'd love to learn seven things about you, so please play along!

Thank you Matt from The Pitbull Palace and Ruthie from K-9 Catastrophe!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm 14 Today!

Hi, it's Buster and I'm 14 today! There was a time we didn't think I'd see nine, never mind 14. You see, when I was eight, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. I had a big tumor on my ribcage, an odd place to get osteosarcoma. But my humans sacrificed everything to save my life. I'm pretty darned lucky, too, because that location was a tough spot. After surgery and chemotherapy we waited and watched. And here I am, four years later, just as spunky and loving as ever! One strange thing: After chemotherapy, I did lose some of my beautiful white coat. And it grew back in an apricot color!

Happy Birthday, Bussie! We love you! xoxoxox {hugs} little fella!

Coming home from my surgery. They removed a tumor from my ribcage
and I had a cast that looked like a gentleman's vest!
Dontcha think I look like an angel? Fooled ya!

Are you looking at me? Yer makin' me blush!
HELP! I'm stuck!
Haha! Just pullin' yer leg!
Looking cute at the vet's for one of my checkups.
Being the zombie hunter I was born to be!

Nothing keeps Buster from protecting us from The Zombies!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We've Been Tagged!

Our friend Mayzie tagged us! Now we have to tell you a little about ourselves. Charlie agreed to let Oliver participate. This should be interesting...

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

CharlieIntense, cute, big ears, loyal, playful, independent, and FEMALE! (Everyone thinks I'm a boy because of my name. So frustrating.) Okay, "big ears" puts me at eight words, but they're an important part of my being!

No, they're not wings, they're ears.
Oliver: Is "intense" the same as bossy? Just askin'. Let's see, I'd describe myself as Adorable, playful, silly, goofy, cuddly, sweet, and loving.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Charlie: Oliver, Oliver, and Oliver! He never settles down! Moves ALL night long!

Oliver: Nothing! Why would I be awake at night? That's Sleepytime!

3. Who would you like to be?

Charlie: Me. And I am me, so why do you ask?

Oliver: An astronaut so I can fly into the sky. Or, the guy who makes the french fries at the fast food place (NOT at McD's though, and you know why). Or, a human so I can have a lap that I can curl up on whenever I want! Yeah, that's it!!!

I'm sure I can fit...
Charlie: Oliver, that's ridiculous. You can't curl up in your own lap.

Oliver: Of course I can. I can do whatever I want. It's MY lap.

Charlie: But if you're a human, you're no longer a dog, so you can't curl up in your own lap. End of story.

Oliver: You take the fun out of everything.

4. What are you wearing right now?

Charlie: My very pretty hand-made, polka-dotted collar that mom bought especially for me.

Isn't it gah-geous!
Oliver: A smile. I always smile. SSSSMMMMIIIIILLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!! Smile, smile, smile!

5. What scares you?

Charlie: ME?! Nothing. Nothing at all. Ever. Ev-Er.

Oliver: Yeah, right. How about loud noises, quick moves, and being left alone? 

Charlie: Wha...? I... I don't know what you mean. WHAT WAS THAT?! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! WHAT WAS IT???? Oliver, go see. I'll wait here and make sure the back of this sofa is safe.

Oliver: Wuss.

6. The best and worst of blogging?

Charlie: Ah, the best! I think Oliver and I will agree on this one. MAYZIE and HER MOM are THE BEST for coordinating efforts for our dear friend Sandra following her awful loss in December. Blogville is a wonderful place filled with the best of people!

Oliver: Charlie, I think we do finally agree on something!

Charlie: The worst? It has to be the new word verifications on Blogger right now. That and Terrierman. We wish he'd jump off a cliff or read something based in fact before he blows steam about pit bulls. 

Oliver: I can't believe it. We agree again!

7. What was the last website you visited?

Charlie: Well, if you mean mom, it's the Animal Rescue Site. She's been religiously voting for PAWS every day, hoping they'll win. It's where Oliver and I were rescued from!

Oliver: Yeah, I was on the site earlier today, and PAWS is in the lead in Connecticut!

Charlie: You were not. You can't read, you have claws, and can't type... Why do you make stuff up?

Oliver: You really are no fun. But PAWS IS in the lead. So there.

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

Charlie: Really...? Change...? Me?

Oliver: I'd try to smile more. I don't think I smile nearly enough.

9. Slankets, yes or no?

Charlie: What the heck is a slanket? I like my fleecy blanket, a piece of which I sent for Sandra's quilt, AFTER I kissed it and paraded it around the house for a proper send-off.

Oliver: I don't know what a slanket is, but I'll bet I'd like it. It sounds like it would make me smile!

10. Tell us something about the person/people who tagged you.

Charlie: I think I'd like Mayzie, and I don't usually like other female dogs. She's a pretty cool gal! She's always going on vacation or playing with her Brudder Ranger or having doggy friends over. But she gets along with cats. I don't like cats. We'd have to talk about that.

Oliver: I KNOW I'd like Mayzie, she makes me smile. I wonder if she'd marry me... I'd probably like cats. I like everyone. They would probably make me SMILE! I know I'd like Brudder Ranger, too. 

Choose eight bloggers to tag next!

Now it's hard to choose just eight, so if you're not listed but want to play along, feel free!

1: Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
2: Pip!
3: Straightness of Trees
4: Dog's Life Downunder
5: Volunteers4Paws
6: Urban Hounds
7: How Sam Sees It
8: Stewey

Have fun with it!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Said I Would...

... and I finally did. I now have my very own in-bread dog. Poor Oliver. But he's so good about stuff like this!

Why is she making me do this?
"Because I told my friends that you would let me."
Why am I letting you do this?!
"Now, that's the better question."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not A Clue

She had no idea it was there.
Until I told her. Then it was gone in a flash!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Two Today!

Well, actually, we don't really know when my birthday is, but this would be my grandma's birthday, so I decided to take it for myself! Now, I understand my grandma didn't really care for animals, but I have the feeling she would have liked me.

Okay, Ollie, give me that keyboard. There's nothing more dangerous than a dog who can type.

Yes, it's true your grandmother didn't care for animals. She tolerated them, though, including a monkey who made its way into our lives for a very brief few days. Don't ask.

Growing up, we always had animals around the house, from bunnies and baby birds who were abandoned by their moms in our backyard to a not-so-feral cat who made itself right at home living in our yard. (I might have made it easier for the kitty by feeding and providing shelter for it; I later found it a nice home.) Along with the occasional wildlife, we had gerbils, a parrot, countless dogs, and before we were born my parents had horses. So she could claim she that she didn't like animals, but that was a battle she obviously wasn't going to win!

We settled on this day for Oliver's birthday because he was born somewhere around this time of year, give or take a week or two. His canines came in around July (a reliable way to peg the six-month-mark for a dog), so counting backward, this is as good a day as any. And, since Ollie is a gentle and loving dog, why not honor my mom, a gentle and loving woman, by celebrating his birthday on the anniversary of her birthday?

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

This is one thing your grandmother never would have tolerated. Oh, no-ho-ho.
This is the face that melted my heart two years ago!
And continues to melt it to this very day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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