Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm Two Today!

Well, actually, we don't really know when my birthday is, but this would be my grandma's birthday, so I decided to take it for myself! Now, I understand my grandma didn't really care for animals, but I have the feeling she would have liked me.

Okay, Ollie, give me that keyboard. There's nothing more dangerous than a dog who can type.

Yes, it's true your grandmother didn't care for animals. She tolerated them, though, including a monkey who made its way into our lives for a very brief few days. Don't ask.

Growing up, we always had animals around the house, from bunnies and baby birds who were abandoned by their moms in our backyard to a not-so-feral cat who made itself right at home living in our yard. (I might have made it easier for the kitty by feeding and providing shelter for it; I later found it a nice home.) Along with the occasional wildlife, we had gerbils, a parrot, countless dogs, and before we were born my parents had horses. So she could claim she that she didn't like animals, but that was a battle she obviously wasn't going to win!

We settled on this day for Oliver's birthday because he was born somewhere around this time of year, give or take a week or two. His canines came in around July (a reliable way to peg the six-month-mark for a dog), so counting backward, this is as good a day as any. And, since Ollie is a gentle and loving dog, why not honor my mom, a gentle and loving woman, by celebrating his birthday on the anniversary of her birthday?

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

This is one thing your grandmother never would have tolerated. Oh, no-ho-ho.
This is the face that melted my heart two years ago!
And continues to melt it to this very day!

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