Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Want to Be A Dog in My House...

I'm sitting on my bed. There's not much room because...

This is on one side of me:

And this is on the other:

I want to be a dog in my house!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does Sarge Have A Point?

This article, in the latest issue of Dogtime, addresses the issue of the rehabilitation of former dog fighters. It's from the perspective of Sarge, a 17-year-old pit bull, who says:
"Dogs are simple. We don't overthink things, we  just want results. If someone gives me a treat I don't spit it out because I'm not sure what their reason was, or I'd be missing out on treats! So when people — whether it's these guys or Michael Vick himself — are doing things that'll produce results for dogs like me, I don't waste time questioning their motives; I just find more opportunities to put them to work!"
Sarge, a rescued 17-year-old Pit Bull, speaks
"his mind" about dog fighting and redemption.
Photo copyright Elderbulls Blog
Sarge was rescued after living with an animal abuser for 14 years. The Pennsylvania SPCA took Sarge and 30 of his friends in after he was rescued by law enforcement officers. Sarge has been living happily as an Elderbull with five other rescued dogs he cherishes. His Facebook page has over 4,600 friends.

Last week, Sarge posted a photo of himself with former dogfighters on the HSUS End Dogfighting Campaign site. (I'm not especially fond of HSUS or Wayne Pacelle, and I have to wonder if Sarge did this of his own accord or was somehow coerced into posing for this picture.)

Now, we know that Sarge himself doesn't speak. His comments are those of his guardians, wonderful folks who have six rescued dogs, including Sarge, whom they love to pieces.

But, if he could speak, would these be his words? Do we, as lovers of Pit Bulls, have to begin to heal and give Michael Vick the chance to use his powerful celebrity and voice as an agent for change? I don't know.

What are your thoughts?

Wordless Wednesday

Beating the heat in CT. (No, the dog on the lower right is not dead.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

URGENT: Connecticut: To be euthanized by owner this week

Frisco - neutered brindle pit mix, great bat ears,white paws, 4-5 mos., about 35 lbs., seems okay with other dogs. Microchipped and knows basic commands.

Frisco has a “bend” to his front paw and his owners want to euthanize him rather than wait to see if he grows out of this condition. 

He does not show signs of discomfort and he’s walking, running, and playing like a normal pup. Surgery at this point is NOT necessary. (We’ve seen this condition in the past, usually a result of being kept in a too-small crate. With dogs who are young enough, like Frisco, the legs develop and tend to grow to be normal.) 

Can you help Frisco, even if it’s to foster him temporarily??? He deserves a chance at life. 

Please contact: Rachel (203-927-9572). Frisco is in the Milford, CT area.


There's a carwash near our house that's very popular. But... They have these scary "things" doing flips and holding nozzles to wash the car. It's like being in a carwash thought up by Stephen King...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Oliver, colorized. But he still shouldn't perch on the chair like this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


...I think Charlie is a little spoiled.

She has the best seat in the house, and she holds on to all of the remotes. 

If she doesn't like what we're watching, she'll change
the channel without even asking if we mind.

She's got tons of toys, and tends to hoard them.

Here she is, again on the ottoman, and someone had the nerve to put their feet up next to her!

They must have been stinky feet...

But she is the Queen! (And she knows it!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


It was a gorgeous day for a walk, hot but not humid, nice breeze... I decided that Charlie and I would go for leisurely walk to the pond. So I doused myself in DDT (to keep those annoying little flies away), leashed up Charlie, and off we went.

Off we go! We don't have "real" sidewalks, just these weird
asphalt ones which aren't well-maintained. I guess they consider this "The Country"?! 
The regular route is closed because they're re-doing a bridge on our street. Very annoying!
So we had to go down the hill...
The first time I walked Charlie, fire hydrants terrified her.
Now... "Piece of cake, mom!"
One problem we have around here is poison ivy, lots of it. It makes a walk difficult
because the vines hang from the trees and the leaves dangle over the sidewalks.
I'm extremely allergic, so I keep my distance!
Finally! The pond... It's currently overgrown with lily pads.
You can usually see Canada Geese, Mallards,
Blue Heron,  egrets - lots of beautiful birds. None today!
We took a rest when we got to the pond, but Charlie had too much
to sniff and check out! No resting for this girl!
On the way back, it's ALL uphill. This photo doesn't give justice to
the "gentle" incline we faced.
But wait! Is that Brad?! Maybe he'll give us a ride!
...or not...
Home, sweet (air conditioned) home!
I took a cold shower and Charlie - well, she took a nap!

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's My Birthday...

Yes, it's true. In a few more days, I'll be turning... hack... cough... hackhack... oh, it hurts to say... 50. Fifty. 5-oh. It's painful. Nothing is where it used to be (ladies, you know what I mean). Everything has dropped a good three inches, and the scale has never said THOSE numbers to me before!

So, as I approach this new stage of my life with melancholy and a great yearning for my youth, I thought that instead of showering me with presents - because I know you're all aching to do just that - it would be nice to donate to a worthy organization!

I've been volunteering with PAWS for seven years, and not only do I love working with the animals, I treasure what I've learned along the way.

So many patient people took the time to teach me how to get a nasty sweet and loving, but very sick, cat to take a pill (have you ever tried to pill a Persian?!), give fluids to critically ill puppies without crying my eyes out, and handle the adopting public, who all think they should have that doggy in the kennel, even though he outweighs their 3-year-old by a good oh, 135 lbs.

If you're so inclined, I'm raising money for our annual Bark in the Park dog walk/festival and fundraiser. The two dogs pictured on my fundraising page (also at left) are Charlie and Oliver, both PAWS graduates who wouldn't be here today if they didn't have the love and support of a no-kill shelter like PAWS.

So, if you have an extra buck or two to spare, Team Charles & Oliver would be happy to add it to our fundraising goal! They send sloppy kisses to you as thanks for your support!

An Award!

My new friends Nanny McFur and Talking Dogs both gave me the Versatile Blogger award! What a great surprise, and thank you both so much!!

Before passing this award on to others, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself (prepare yourself for some boredom...):

  1. A big, milestone birthday is just around the corner, on Monday. I'm not a happy camper, but I guess I'm happy that I've made it this far! :)
  2. I've been a volunteer at PAWS for just about seven years now. How time flies when you're having fun and helping animals in need!
  3. I have five dogs: three are 13 years old, and four are rescues.
  4. Charlie, the pooch who started this blog, is a Pit Bull/Shiba Inu mix. She's adorable!
  5. I recently helped MARS transport a dog from NY to MA to meet their foster family - Best day in July so far!! I hope to do a lot more of this in the future for this worthy organization!
  6. My Lucy is a mini Australian Shepherd, who I got in Maine after researching breeders over 13 years ago. She started my craze with MARS!
  7. My license plate is "PIBBLE." I wonder why?!
Now, I'd like to pass this award on to other bloggers. So many of you do such a great job - this isn't easy! I don't know how many I should award, but seven seems to be a lucky number!
Congratulations, all, and pass this award along!

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Nighttime at Our House

    Some like to snuggle with their toys on their own chair;

    Some are princesses and stake their claim at the head of the bed;

    And some are just weird and sleep under the covers all year long.

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    My First Transport!

    On Saturday, I had the honor of helping MARS (Mini Aussie Rescue and Support) to transport this gorgeous boy to his foster family. 

    I met up with his former guardians in New York and drove him to Massachusetts where I (reluctantly) turned him over to his foster family (they live in New Hampshire). I say "reluctantly" because he's such a sweet gentleman, I considered dognapping him for myself!

    I first learned about MARS after Lucy, my mini, came into my life over 13 years ago. She's not a rescue, but I still think it's important to support minis who aren't as lucky as she is. 

    MARS is a 501(c)3 national organization run entirely by volunteers. Learn more about their mission here.

    I may have found my new rescue/volunteer calling!

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    A Stranger Among Us/Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

    We have a family of geese at the pond near our house. I wonder if they know they have a third child? I hope they don't expect him to fly...


    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    I Love This Dog

    Francois is available for adoption at Paws. He's been with us for a few years now, probably because he's a Pit Bull/Mastiff mix (not a good excuse in my opinion).  

    He's currently learning some pretty cool agility moves and he's really good at them. Smart boy, Franky! If I could have six dogs...


    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Happy July 4th!

    Charlie's ready. She started yesterday afternoon on the deck with drinks. Look at the silly face.

    Be safe everyone!

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Cupcakes for a Cause

    Do you LOVE cupcakes?

    If you're anything like me, any dessert can be on the table, but if there are cupcakes, watch out! I turn into a cupcake-seeking missile. Donot get in my way.

    Some of you may know PAWS ├╝ber volunteer Cathy Paukner. Cathy has dedicated many, many years to the feline side of PAWS, where she works with cats and serves as a Cat Adoption Counselor, matching cats and kittens to homes for a lifetime of love and companionship. What you might not know is that she's an extraordinary chef! She's the talented craftswoman behind the scrumptious hors d'oeuvres served at PAWS' events.

    Cathy recently began a business called "Cupcakes for a Cause" where she offers her beautifully crafted delicious, yummy, amazing, luscious, mouthwatering cupcakes for sale and donates a portion of the proceeds toPAWS!

    Her flavors range from the more simple (vanilla with vanilla buttercream) to the more exotic (espresso with mocha buttercream decorated with candied coffeebean and a sprinkling of cinnamon), and everything in-between. There are about 15 different selections on her cupcake menu right now. To name just a few:

    Cuckoo for Coconut - Triple Coconut (Coconut Cupcake, Coconut Frosting dabbed with a sprinkling of toasted coconut) 
    Whatz Up Doc – Carrot Cake Cupcake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting decorated with marzipan carrot and dusted with cinnamon
    S’Mores for Me – Graham Cracker Crust topped with Chocolate Cupcake, Toasted Marshmallow Frosting dabbed with sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs
    Going Bananas – (Bananas Foster) Banana Rum Pecan Cupcakes, Caramel Frosting drizzled with caramel sauce decorated with banana chip and sprinkling of chopped pecans 
    Tiramisu – Vanilla Cupcake soaked with Coffee Syrup, Mascarpone Frosting decorated with ladyfinger and dabbed with dusting of cocoa
    Each cupcake is adorned with an edible little paw print, an adorable signature element Cathy is using to remind people that the dessert they're enjoying is helping a local animal shelter.

    About a week ago, I arrived at the shelter and headed back to the kitchen. The whole area was filled with the inviting aroma of maple syrup. Cathy had brought in a few dozen (yes, a few dozen!) of her "Moms Mapley" cupcakes for us to try. OMG. I was walking on clouds.

    They were the most beautiful cupcakes I'd ever seen. (My Betty Crockers were never this pretty.) And, oh, the frosting. Oh, my heavens, the frosting. Maple buttercream with crushed toffee. A great way to start a day at the shelter!

    If you're on Facebook, "Like" Cathy's Cupcakes for a Cause page here. For a full listing of cupcakes Cathy is currently offering, "Like" the PAWS Facebook page here, then you can access the Cupcakes for a Cause notes page with all the delicious details, pricing, and Cathy's contact info.

    Summer is a time for celebrating. Cupcakes can only make it yummier!

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