Friday, July 15, 2011

An Award!

My new friends Nanny McFur and Talking Dogs both gave me the Versatile Blogger award! What a great surprise, and thank you both so much!!

Before passing this award on to others, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself (prepare yourself for some boredom...):

  1. A big, milestone birthday is just around the corner, on Monday. I'm not a happy camper, but I guess I'm happy that I've made it this far! :)
  2. I've been a volunteer at PAWS for just about seven years now. How time flies when you're having fun and helping animals in need!
  3. I have five dogs: three are 13 years old, and four are rescues.
  4. Charlie, the pooch who started this blog, is a Pit Bull/Shiba Inu mix. She's adorable!
  5. I recently helped MARS transport a dog from NY to MA to meet their foster family - Best day in July so far!! I hope to do a lot more of this in the future for this worthy organization!
  6. My Lucy is a mini Australian Shepherd, who I got in Maine after researching breeders over 13 years ago. She started my craze with MARS!
  7. My license plate is "PIBBLE." I wonder why?!
Now, I'd like to pass this award on to other bloggers. So many of you do such a great job - this isn't easy! I don't know how many I should award, but seven seems to be a lucky number!
Congratulations, all, and pass this award along!

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