Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does Sarge Have A Point?

This article, in the latest issue of Dogtime, addresses the issue of the rehabilitation of former dog fighters. It's from the perspective of Sarge, a 17-year-old pit bull, who says:
"Dogs are simple. We don't overthink things, we  just want results. If someone gives me a treat I don't spit it out because I'm not sure what their reason was, or I'd be missing out on treats! So when people — whether it's these guys or Michael Vick himself — are doing things that'll produce results for dogs like me, I don't waste time questioning their motives; I just find more opportunities to put them to work!"
Sarge, a rescued 17-year-old Pit Bull, speaks
"his mind" about dog fighting and redemption.
Photo copyright Elderbulls Blog
Sarge was rescued after living with an animal abuser for 14 years. The Pennsylvania SPCA took Sarge and 30 of his friends in after he was rescued by law enforcement officers. Sarge has been living happily as an Elderbull with five other rescued dogs he cherishes. His Facebook page has over 4,600 friends.

Last week, Sarge posted a photo of himself with former dogfighters on the HSUS End Dogfighting Campaign site. (I'm not especially fond of HSUS or Wayne Pacelle, and I have to wonder if Sarge did this of his own accord or was somehow coerced into posing for this picture.)

Now, we know that Sarge himself doesn't speak. His comments are those of his guardians, wonderful folks who have six rescued dogs, including Sarge, whom they love to pieces.

But, if he could speak, would these be his words? Do we, as lovers of Pit Bulls, have to begin to heal and give Michael Vick the chance to use his powerful celebrity and voice as an agent for change? I don't know.

What are your thoughts?

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