Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom Neglects Us

Mom feels bad because she's been neglecting her duties here in Blogville. First, she left all of us alone for over a week. [Note from mom: It wasn't easy for me. It's not like I slept at all without my fur monsters, ya know.] Then, she flew off to Napa Valley for some sun and fun. [Note from mom: Hey, someone has to keep tabs on the Valley and make sure the wine is tasting good...] Then, as soon as she comes back, she gets the flu! Can you imagine??? Sick as a... well... dawg. So she's posting a few pics of her vacation to hold everyone over until she's back on her feet 100%.

Note from mom: It's great to be back with my monsters. There's nothing like coming home and seeing five butts wiggling like crazy! Make that six - I was pretty happy, too! I've missed my Blogville friends and will make an extra effort to stop by to say hi to everyone. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

The yard of the house we rented was beautifully landscaped. Here's an artichoke plant...

A fig tree (see the fig?)... There were also olive trees, rosemary and sage bushes, you name it. Just beautiful.
An orange tree...

I woke up to this sight one morning. Calistoga is known for hot air balloons. Gorgeous!
A closer look.
A hike up Mount Saint Helena offered some great photo ops. Can you see the hummingbird in this picture? He was a little faster than my shutter! 
Who could resist a photo of Dogtown (population now 33)? Near Point Reyes Station, CA. 

Hope you enjoyed these. More to come as mom sorts through her photos!

Friday, May 4, 2012

PLEASE SHARE! From The Unexpected Pit Bull: Pit Bulls - Best Friends Forever

From The Unexpected Pit Bull:

"Please view and share our video that was created in protest of a heinous article against pit bulls and other breeds by News4Jax in Jacksonville. The article claimed that pit bulls are the #1 dogs that do not mix well with children. To turn a negative into a positive, we decided to put together a video to send to the folks at News4Jax. We turned to you, our community, for pictures of pit bulls with children. Within hours, we received hundreds of great photos from all over the world. This video is the result and shows the world that pit bulls are best friends. The Unexpected Pit Bull strives to combat inaccurate and sensationalized media depictions of pit bull dogs and to protest breed specific laws which victimize innocent families and the dogs' they cherish. Thank you for your support!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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