The Players!

Charlie - Star of the Blog
Born in September 2004, a Pit Bull/Shiba Inu mix. Thinks she runs the show, but that's not nearly the case. A tough chick, found tied to a stop sign when she was 10-weeks-old. Joined the household (Lucy, Trouper, & Buster) when she was about 12-weeks-old. The Queen of Silly Ears.

Supporting Cast:

Born 2010. Rescued at about 14-weeks-old. Ready? According to two DNA tests, he's either a 1) Rottie/Lab/Yorkie, or a 2) Dachshund/Boxer/Japanese Chin/Toy Poodle. I call him a good ol' Heinz 57. Goofy, silly, the easiest dog I've ever had. The King of Silly Ears.

Born April 5, 1998. Mini-Aussie. She IS the boss. She's also my {heart} dog! Follows me everywhere, day and night. Adopted from a breeder in Maine.

Born 1998. Border Collie. Rescued at about a year old. Ornery, crotchety, but loving. Go figure! Nicknamed Casanova because he's such a lover. A tough fella, but a great boy!

Born February 19, 1998. Parson Russell Terrier. Rescued at nine-months-old. Osteosarcoma survivor (2008). Toss him an ice cube, he'll be your best friend!

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