Saturday, September 29, 2012

OMD! It's Charlie's Birthday!

I can't believe that Charlie turns eight today. Where has the time gone? Almost eight years ago, I rescued a puppy with silly ears and an attitude. We can't blame her for the attitude - she was found tied to a Stop sign when she was only about 10-weeks-old!

The ears never quite settled, which is a good thing! I love those garden shovels sticking out of her head. She's always on alert...

Even when she sleeps!

She's a great girl who loves playing, even in the snow...

And watching television, especially when dogs are on...

And her rope toys... She covets them!

She loves the great outdoors...

And the great indoors...

She can smile (usually when she's been bad!)...

She's an expert beggar (and always gets the treat!)...

And she's all-around Queen of the House...

No matter how you look at it, she's that dog with the silly ears and The Attitude who stole my heart!

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two-Faced Dog

Oliver is a very sweet dog.

Until he turns into Vampire Dog.

Only kidding. He's not really a vampire... But you can make him look like one. 

Silly dog.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Day at the Park

This year, we're moving our annual fundraiser to a new, bigger venue, so I decided to check it out with Oliver. 

Taylor Farm Park is probably five times larger than our former venue. Last year it was obvious that we outgrew Cranbury Park, a beautiful area, but much smaller and with extremely limited parking. We're really not sure how many people we lost last year due to lack of parking, but we had plenty of complaints! We also had to turn away a lot of vendors due to lack of space on the field. Good signs that your event is popular and expanding, but frustrating at the same time!

Not this year! This year, there will be plenty of parking, tons of vendors, lots of activities (including radio-controlled boating in the salt-water pond), and we're including our adoptable cats! There will be a tent and activities dedicated especially to our cats and kitty-loving friends! There'll also be an agility trail for the dogs, a frisbee dog demo, doggy makeovers, a doggy cafe with samples of foods and treats and lots more - I'm very excited!

Taylor Farm Park is adjacent to the beach in Norwalk. We're fortunate to have a really pretty and large beach area, but dogs aren't allowed (booooo!). But, this is a great alternative - it's nicely maintained, huge, really well-used by residents, and it gets the sea breezes. It was just gorgeous yesterday!


This place is huge. Plenty of space to run and run. 

"You're still nearby, right mom?"

The pond in the background, with the marina and Long Island Sound beyond.

Close-up of the pond. A nice space for the radio-controlled boats!

I'm not going any deeper than this! 

This guy dove right in and had a great time!

He still couldn't entice Oliver to come in for a dip.

No, I'm not coming in, either.

"Phew. That was fun, ma!"

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