Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday???

But if you said something, I'd hear you!

Birds have wingspan. Charlie has earspan.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Award from A New Friend!

We have a new - and gorgeous - friend named Remy over at OneBlueDog. Remy has just awarded us the Super Sweet  Blogging Award - isn't that wonderful! And I don't know how Remy knew we loved cupcakes, but it's very, very true! Don't these look yummy?!

As with many awards, this one comes with a few questions - these are our human's answers;  no chocolate for us!

1) Cookies or Cake - That's a hard one... What type of cookies, and what kind of cake? I love sweets, but a good carrot cake takes the, um cake!

2) Chocolate or Vanilla - That's easy! White chocolate!

3) Favorite Sweet Treat - Hmmmmm... can I go with white chocolate again... or M&Ms! Or Reese's Cups... Or...

4) When do you crave sweet things the most - Haha!! All the time, but mostly after a deeelish meal!

5) If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be - Oh, probably Sugar Butt - have to lay the blame somewhere!

Now, we have to convey this award to a Baker's Dozen of blogging friends. That's hard - there are so many wonderful bloggy friends we love!

Phew! It's not easy to choose only 13 of the hundreds of bloggers we follow! Enjoy the award and pass it along!!

Germs: Your pillow = Your toilet seat

I just read this piece in The Smithsonian. Naturally, I'll never sleep in my bed again, but it made me think of people who don't like dogs or cats on their beds. "They're filthy animals!" Well, read this article and even sleeping without animals on your bed will lead you to leaning in a corner vs. lying in your bed for your next nap.
Toes, exposed.

I, like many of my animal-loving friends, let my dogs sleep on my bed. Not only do they sleep on my bed, they're often under the cover. Or on the pillow. And, it's not unusual for there to be no room for me... They take up all the space: I'm sure it's scientifically proven that dogs will expand to the area given. Like water freezing in a bottle.

Her favorite spot!

When I was a kid, the dogs weren't allowed on beds or any other furniture. Actually, I was lucky to have a dog! My mother was a clean freak who never had pets in her life and you could eat off of her floor. This is a true statement.
Maaaaaa, I don't wanna go to school...

Thankfully, she was tempered by my father who was a huge animal lover and grew up with all sorts of pets, from dogs to goats to horses. As a matter of fact, my parents had horses when they first got married, and my father even competed in shows. (I'm so sorry I wasn't around then - I love horses. They're just big dogs to me, and yeah, they probably would sleep on my bed if I could pull it off!)

But I digress.

As a kid, I would yearn to have my Heidi on the bed with me! Such a wonderful girl, so loving, so loyal, so undeserving of the floor...

But that was how it had to be. Dogs weren't to be on the bed, sofa, chairs, anywhere but On. The. Floor. Which is a good thing, actually; if you have a dominant dog, they should never be perched on anything. However, Heidi was not dominant! She was my pal! My sweet, loving rescue I got at the age of nine! The floor?! Really, mom??

So the question to all of you is: Do your dogs, cats, ferrets, pot bellied pigs, whatever sleep on your bed? Or on that cold, hard floor...?

There's a dog hidden in here somewhere!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

So Annoying!

"Does she have to bother me with that camera while I'm chewing?!"

"She's so annoying... But I am cute."

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