Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fay Has Died

Fay, a victim of dog fighting and literally the face of the Humane Society of Missouri's ongoing struggle against the savage "sport" has passed away.

She had recently undergone surgery to repair her lips - ripped off during her fighting days - and following the surgery she went into cardiac arrest.

The complete story can be found here.

This poor girl personified the horrors of dog fighting and was on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, Fay didn't complete her journey. But this sweet dog did get to know what life with caring, loving people could be like, and we should be thankful for that.

My heart goes out to the people at HSMO and MuttsNStuff for their loss.

(Picture from MuttsNStuff The Mutts Blog.)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The ASPCA Recommends Against BSL!


The ASPCA has released clear and specific recommendations in a position statement in which they oppose breed bans.

Putting forth a well-constructed argument, supported by - gulp - research and facts, the ASPCA has done an excellent job of developing a statement that applies to individual dogs and their owners/guardians, and NOT to specific breeds.
"...the ASPCA is not aware of credible evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer either for people or other companion animals. There is, however, evidence that such laws unfairly target responsible pet guardians and their well-socialized dogs, are inhumane and impede community safety and humane sheltering efforts (Sacks et al., 2000; Wapner, 2000; Taylor, 2004). Although multiple communities have been studied where breed-specific legislation has been enacted, no convincing data indicate this strategy has succeeded anywhere to date (Klaassen et al., 1996; Ott et al., 2007; Rosado, 2007). Conversely, studies can be referenced that evidence clear, positive effects of carefully crafted, breed-neutral laws (Bradley, 2006)."
By including a combination of laws such as the mandatory sterilization of shelter animals, leash laws, tethering/chaining laws, and holding dog guardians financially accountable for a dog's actions, this position statement could be the foundation we've been searching for for so long.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa? Is that you?

Santa? Is that you?
Great. Caught me on the sofa. Coal again this year.

Oh, well, Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twelve - It's not just for Days of Christmas

Christmas is only a couple of days away, and it marks Trouper's unofficial birthday. Unofficial because we really don't know what his real birthday is; I only know that we rescued him in 1999 and he was about a year old. Since he's such a happy and jolly fella, we decided that December 25th would be an appropriate day to celebrate his birthday.

What hit me like a load of bricks was that this will be his 12th birthday. Not only that, but in the next few months, two more of my dogs will be turning twelve. YIKES! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? When did twelve years fly by? (And why don't they act their age, doggonnit?!)

We rescued Trouper from New England Border Collie Rescue. He was almost perfect from Day One. Except for the time he jumped on the island in the kitchen the first week we had him. I guess we weren't paying enough attention to him - it's so easy to ignore the big black and white hairy thing under your feet, and following you everywhere. But it was just that one time; you know how quick Border Collies are to learn and all that...

He never had a stitch of the herding instinct in him, never cared about agility, and (as you can see in the picture) always liked lobbing about, just taking in as much love as he possibly could. It's how he earned the nickname Casanova. People, dogs, lizards, the remote control; you name it, he loves it. He'd lick your face off if you let him. (Good to know: he often eats poop.)

Buster is the next to hit the big 1-2, in February. Even though he's a rescue, we know his birthdate because we have his papers.

He was given up twice before he was nine months old. The second time, he was tied to the rescue's railing and left there. Nine months old! He's just a little, teeny Parson Russell, for heavens sake (who could take down a Grizzly) he wouldn't hurt a fly.

When we picked him up at his foster home, he was very excited (standing on the kitchen counter and all). He obviously couldn't wait to go to a "normal" home. In his previous home, he had been given a haircut (a chop job) by an 8-year-old and was wearing green sparkle nail polish. Poor dog. And who lets an eight-year-old play with a dog AND scissors?

His story is great. The woman who had Buster also had a two-year-old Parson. She wanted to - get this - "switch to Poodles." Well, guess what? I'd like to switch to blonde, but IT'S A DOG, not a haircolor you ignorant piece of crap. Good for Buster. Now he knows what real love is.

A couple of years ago, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We found a lump on his ribcage, an odd place for it to pop up. Usually this bone cancer appears in limbs, and, usually, it's found in larger breed dogs. His surgery involved removing the affected rib, plus clear margins which meant pieces of the surrounding ribs. The surgery was fairly involved, but he pulled through with flying colors. He then when through some pretty tough chemotherapy, lost his hair (which grew back a sort of apricot color; this pic is pre-op/pre-chemo) and is still biting the ankles of anyone who will get close enough. Only kidding. Sort of. (Good to know: when meeting Buster for the first time, throw him an ice cube. Friends for life, guaranteed.)

Lucy, my little girl, will turn twelve in April. She's a mini-Aussie and she's an R-U-N-T from a breeder. Please don't say the "R" word out loud in front of her. In my eyes, she's THE most perfect dog to walk the face of the Earth. Ever. Don't even try to dispute this.

Anyway. This is the Velcro dog that follows me everywhere. SHE has the herding instinct and uses it every day. Charlie thinks she's the boss; Lucy knows she's the boss.

We tried agility with Lucy; she started through the tunnel. And stopped. Halfway through. Just stopped. And sat down. She wasn't putting on a show for anyone, no-ho-ho. So we stopped agility and went home. She continued herding the boys and is quite content with that as her sport, although the boys might disagree to this very day. (Good to know: Lucy is MY dog; hands off, not kidding.)

So those are my soon-to-be twelve-year-olds. I still don't know where the time went. Or why they still act like puppies!

And this is what Charlie has to say about all of this:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites...

But one of my favorite dogs at our shelter has found a home!

One of our volunteers lost her beloved Pit Bull a few months back and felt that she needed a big red dog lumbering around her house. Who could blame her? Slinky is the best, most loving dog in the world.

He was pulled from a local AC facility about 1 1/2 years ago. He was a mess when he first arrived at our shelter. Skinny. Dull coat. Scabs. Scars. Scared - extremely afraid. He would slink into a corner and stay there. But he would never hurt a fly. Not a nip, not a curled lip. Nothing. You could see the fear in his eyes, but you could also see that he really, truly wanted to believe that you meant no harm. He wanted to trust someone.

Needless to say, it took months for Slinky to come out of his shell and learn that we weren't going to hurt him. That we were going to love him, give him food, medical care, shelter, and help him build his confidence - that was the important element. And, once we gained his trust, we discovered a playful, silly fellow under that sad outer shell. Now, Slinky stands tall and proud. He plays and walks with confidence and greets people as if they were old friends.

Slinky, I'm soooooo happy for you! 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Worth Repeating:

KC Dog Blog is asking an important question.

I, too, received an e-mail from HSUS asking for a donation. No surprise; I get e-mails from them almost weekly. The kicker is that they're closely associating themselves with the Humane Society of Missouri (not affiliated with HSUS) and they're appearing to take some credit for the dog-fighting bust that resulting in the rescue of some 500 dogs last summer. They're certainly asking for donations for support of these dogs, which don't even appear to be in their care. Please read KC Dog Blog's story which raises questions and concerns that need to be discussed!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

While I took a shower...

Charlie took a nap. On my pillows. Like I wouldn't notice.

So I snuck in with the camera. She's so darned cute. How could anyone tie this sweetie to a stop sign when she was 10 weeks old? Jerks. But then again, we never would have met!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shelter for the Scarred

From the Washington Post: Shelter for the Scarred, a photo journal of the Vick bust.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My furballs and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We're fortunate to have each other to cuddle and snuggle on holidays and every day.

I'll be going to the shelter a little later on to snuggle with the monkeys who don't have the luxury of a home and family to call their own, like Vendi, this sweet one-year-old who is still waiting, waiting. I wish I could pack them all up and bring them home with me - forever. But then they'd call me the Crazy Dog Lady. Oh, wait. They already do...

Anyway, remember those less fortunate, two-legged and four, as you go about your day today. Be safe!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vick to keep $16.2 million in bonuses

UNBELIEVABLE! The man keeps making money. Apparently, in this country, you can stage dog fights, torture and kill animals in the most cruel and horrific manner, and STILL make loads of money. And it just keeps coming!

A federal appeals court has ruled that Michael Vick, Dog Torturer, Dog Killer, Dog Fighting "Enthusiast," can keep $16.2 million in bonuses he earned while playing for the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL had suspended him without pay and tried to assist the Falcons in recovering some of the bonus money they paid to this piece of trash following his conviction in 2007. Vick had the gall to appeal - and he won!

So, let's add this up.

He inks a deal with the Eagles: 1st year he'll get $1.6 million; 2nd year he'll get $5.2 million (sorry, I can't say "earn;" he plays football, for crying out loud. I earn a living. And it ain't in the millions.) Oh, and he gets a $3 million dollar "incentive" over the two years of the contract. So over two years, he has the potential to earn get $9.8 million. 

His reality show will earn sorry, get him about $600K. Like I really care about his sorry life. He wants to change the perception of himself... because "it's not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up." I'd like to pick myself up with some of his deals. How do I get his business manager?

Now let's add in his $16.2 million bonus that he gets to keep.

$9.8 + 16.2 + .6 = $25.6 million. Not too bad for a few years of "work." 

Oh, that's right! The poor guy is $100 mil in the hole! But, truth be told, and let's be fair, he did have a little to do with that, didn't he?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If we're so mean...

Why do we let you dress us up as pumpkins? And then let you take us out in public?

Seventeen-year-old pit bull, looking for a home!

Yes, Miss Zoe is believed to be 17! She's a love bug, too. Apparently, someone "lost this dog" and never tried to find her. PAWS pulled her from the local animal control. She is a doll and has plenty of spunk!

But it bugs me. How can someone love a dog while it's young and in robust health, then let it roam the streets when it's most in need of safety and love? I just don't get it. Such sad a reflection of our throw-away society.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorry Mike, you're not welcome here... Or anywhere

The Philadelphia Eagles, with ex-con Michael Vick in tow, recently visited the Bay Area, home to one of the most well-known Pit Bull rescues in the country, Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP). And the Bay Area people are serious about not accepting this cruel excuse for a man back into the fold of professional football. Good for them.

People either don't know or out-and-out deny the dirty details of how this man treated his dogs. How he attached jumper cables to the ears of dogs, then attached the other ends of the cables to car battery terminals. The dogs were then tossed into a swimming pool. Too gruesome for you? The truth is an ugly thing.

Read Christie Keith's article in the SF Chronicle and see why forgiveness doesn't come easily.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pit Bulls & Parolees: New show on Animal Planet!

This show is a must-see for anyone who loves Pit Bulls and especially for people who don't know much about them at all.

It centers on Tia Maria Torres and Villalobos Rescue Center. Situated on 10 acres just outside of Los Angeles, VRC houses between 150-200 of these wonderful creatures on any given day. They do the usual of rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned and abused Pit Bulls. And then some.

They offer FREE training classes to Pit Bull owners. The class teaches basic obedience, but it also teaches an owner how to manage dog-on-dog aggression and other situations that might pop up, no matter what type of dog you have. These free classes have been offered for 10 years to owners of Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes. What an amazing way to reach out and get these dogs trained! Create good citizens and impress the world! I love it.

Another twist? Tia employs parolees as a way of helping some of the “baddest good guys in town” find work, be productive, and help out some of the baddest good dogs in the world. The parolees feed the dogs, clean the kennels, and help train the dogs in prep for adoption.

Something tells me Tia has raised the bar for many of us. She’s got a huge heart for the two- and four-legged, and she’s not afraid to fight on behalf of either.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blame it on the pit bulls

When all else fails, blame it on a pit bull.

This poor toddler had to get 70 stitches on her face because a dog bit her. Mom blamed it on a wandering pit bull. Mmmm hmmm. After further questioning, mom had to admit the truth. The awful truth. That she's a neglectful, lying piece of trash.

Turns out mom wasn't watching as her toddler got too near the family dog's bowl. The dog? An Alaskan Husky. Nope; not a pit bull.

Moral of the story: Any dog can bite. All owners should take responsibility.

Friday, October 9, 2009

They're doing it again - They're making - gulp - SENSE!

What if an individual dog was evaluated to determine its behavior? Instead of labeling it aggressive based on its breed, an expert would run a battery of tests to determine if that dog, that SPECIFIC dog was aggressive or showed any signs of becoming aggressive. It's an amazing concept, isn't it?

And the ASPCA is working with the military to do just that in an effort to keep pets and their families together in Marine Corps housing units in South Carolina.

Better watch out. This idea might catch on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More money for Michael Vick

Will this man ever stop earning money? What's the deal here? Sure, he spent a little time in jail, but he's on the top of the world. And it just keeps coming.

He just signed with BET for an eight-part documentary about his life. More income for a man who is far from deserving a high-profile or a multi-million dollar income. He’s hardly suffering for the pain and heartache he caused and he’s teaching our children that they can do whatever they want, spend a little time in jail, and still reap the rewards. Big rewards. HUUUUUGE rewards.

How I'd like to wipe that smirk off of his face.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a great idea: Judge each dog individually!

During its ongoing ban on Pit Bulls, the city of Denver, Colorado has systematically euthanized over 550 Pit Bulls - whether or not they've bitten or acted aggressively in any way. In many instances, just "looking like" a Pit Bull was reason enough for a dog to be seized from a backyard and destroyed.

Denver Pit Bull owners moved from the city to places like Boulder. Oddly enough, in 2008, 207 dog bites were reported. Only nine of those were from Pit Bulls. Read how the city of Boulder has used its dangerous dog law to train owners and control aggressive dogs rather than try to label or extinguish an entire "breed."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

National Pit Bull Awareness Day - 2009

National Pit Bull Awareness Day helps to educate people about this special dog. Celebrate the Pit Bull at an event in your area! Scroll down to find an event in your state!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eight Weeks and Four Stories

That would be eight weeks old and a four story fall. Well, a fall is usually a trip and fall, a mistake, something that happens when your feet get in the way. This little girl, just eight weeks old, was actually thrown.

So that would be eight weeks old and a four story fall because she was thrown out of a fourth story window. Thankfully, she landed in a tree, and some kind young ladies who were hailing a cab saw all of this happen.

They rescued the poor, tiny pup, who amazingly was unhurt, and contacted Smilin' Pitbull Rescue, the incredible rescue organization that focuses solely on Pit Bulls. I had the pleasure of meeting Skylar at PAWS's 2nd Annual Bark in the Park event yesterday where we had SPBR as our guests again this year. She's sweet as sugar and cuddles like a pro!

I hope the woman who tossed her from the window experiences the same horror this poor little pup must have felt that day. Sometimes the punishment should equal the crime.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Idaho bar boycotts Michael Vick and NFL games he plays In

Idaho Bar Boycotts Michael Vick and NFL Games He Plays In
A Sandpoint, Idaho bar is not only boycotting Michael Vick and any games of the Philadelphia Eagles this season, they are also boycotting the corporate sponsors, including several beer makers.

We need to see a lot more of this!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What goes around...

There is justice in this world.

A Sioux City councilman pushed and pushed until his BSL was passed. As one reader commented, he gave his constituents a false sense of security in thinking that ONLY Pit Bulls would bite and that all other dogs were safe to be around.

Until his own dog bit a passerby and was labled vicious by the city's Animal Control Officer... Read on, my friends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

When is a Pit Bull not a Pit Bull?

When he's legitimately NOT a Pit Bull.

PAWS' policy is to call a Pit Bull a Pit Bull. They don't pretend a Pit Bull is anything else; it's not a terrier mix, or a Lab mix (my personal fave); it's a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix, period. There's no benefit in trying to call a Rottie a Chi, is there? The objective is to be honest with people so a dog finds their forever home and a family or individual finds the love of their lives.

A few years ago, PAWS adopted out a dog named... Anyway, his name isn't important to this story.

He was a mix, but certainly didn't have Pit Bull in him. Rottie/Shepherd yes, Pit Bull no. He looked a lot like Eddie Munster, right down to the Widow's Peak. He was a perfect medium-sized dog who loved to play. And he was a perfect dog for the first-time dog owner. And that's who he was adopted to - a young, married couple who were first-time dog owners.

About a week later, the man came back with little Eddie Munster, the sweetest dog in town. It broke my heart, because this happy little dog just thought he was going for a ride in the car. Well, this guy took his dog to the vet and the vet said Eddie "definitely" had Pit in him. HUH? No one saw the Pit in this dog, and we wouldn't have hidden the fact if we did. We were shocked! This guy LOVED the dog before he "found out" he had Pit in him. Now, the dog was poison. He wouldn't listen to us because his vet was some sort of deity.

It was criminal what this man did. Absolutely criminal.

Well, it was his loss, and Little Eddie Munster's gain.

Little Eddie Munster didn't last long back at PAWS. Shortly thereafter, he went to his forever home with people who appreciated a perfectm,medium-sized dog who just loved to play ball.
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