Monday, September 14, 2009

Eight Weeks and Four Stories

That would be eight weeks old and a four story fall. Well, a fall is usually a trip and fall, a mistake, something that happens when your feet get in the way. This little girl, just eight weeks old, was actually thrown.

So that would be eight weeks old and a four story fall because she was thrown out of a fourth story window. Thankfully, she landed in a tree, and some kind young ladies who were hailing a cab saw all of this happen.

They rescued the poor, tiny pup, who amazingly was unhurt, and contacted Smilin' Pitbull Rescue, the incredible rescue organization that focuses solely on Pit Bulls. I had the pleasure of meeting Skylar at PAWS's 2nd Annual Bark in the Park event yesterday where we had SPBR as our guests again this year. She's sweet as sugar and cuddles like a pro!

I hope the woman who tossed her from the window experiences the same horror this poor little pup must have felt that day. Sometimes the punishment should equal the crime.
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