Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: Fromm's Liver Treats

So far, 2014 has not been good to Charlie. A few weeks ago, she hurt her knee. Although we've been careful with her, it didn't improve so we went back to the vet on Saturday who sent us to an orthopedist today. The orthopedist confirmed that her ACL is completely torn, and needs to be repaired. Has anyone ever tried to keep a pogo stick still? Because that's what it's going to be like after she has surgery. Eight weeks of telling a pogo stick not to jump.

"Ma, why are we at the vet, you know I HATE it here!"

Maybe it's just me, but food always makes things better, and Charlie deserved something yummy following her trip to the vet. Recently, Chewy recruited our team of expert noshers to review Fromm's Dog Treats, and the timing to open these babies couldn't be better!

You should know that I'm very careful about my dogs' food and treats. Fromm's has nutritious and delicious foods and treats for cats and dogs, and they're made right here in the US. That's particularly important to me with all the recalls we've been reading about. And, when I give my pups treats, I want them to be healthy and tasty. These treats are perfect - they're a low-fat recipe made from real liver. Plus, they're not huge! I HATE HUGE DOG TREATS! These are a good size - about the size of a dime - perfect for treating without over doing it.

I asked Charlie the Patient if should would take a break from resting her leg to give one a try:

The ears are definitely interested
"Sure, I'll have another!"

Charlie was very happy. But, who can take one dog's word for it? I had to recruit a few others, just to be sure…

Anyone want to try one? Hmm. I guess so...


Me too!

Well, there's proof that Fromm's Liver Recipe Low-Fat Dog Treats are a popular choice among the four-leggers in this household!

Now, if I can just get them to stop staring at me for more…

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