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Help Talulah!!!!

Talulah is a loving, friendly, outgoing, and beautiful English Bull Dog found roaming a very busy street in Bridgeport, CT. She was brought to PAWS by a good samaritan after she followed him home one day.

Sweet, goofy, loving Talulah
What PAWS' vet discovered when examining Talulah was shocking: She has severe skin and ear infections, dry eye, and huge mammary masses, a result of not being spayed. These masses need to be removed as soon as possible; until the surgery and biopsies are performed, we won't know if they are malignant or what course of treatment she might need.

There's a lot going on for this lovely lady and the first steps are to clear up her ear and skin infections. Next, she'll be spayed, the masses will be removed, and biopsies will be performed.

While we await the total cost estimate from the vet, we know that we need to raise AT LEAST $2,000 to help offset her initial medical and surgical needs.

Hey, you wanna cuddle? I've got room on my blankie!
To donate - and ANY amount is greatly appreciated - please follow this link. To ensure that your donation goes to Talulah's medical/surgical needs, please select the "COSMO FUND"as your "Program Designation" when donating.

Please help us spread the word about Talulah far and wide! She was obviously someone's dog at some point, dumped on the streets when they couldn't or wouldn't care for her when she needed them most. Talulah is a loving and sweet dog who needs our help!

How can you resist this smile?!

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