Friday, August 15, 2014

Buster: A Sad Goodbye to a Loving Friend

We had to make the difficult decision to let Buster go today. He was 16 1/2, an age we never expected him to reach, having had osteosarcoma in 2008.

We adopted Buster from a JRT rescue when he was only nine months old. We were the third family to have him, and this (as with most rescued dogs) was not his fault. His first home decided to "switch to poodles," which landed Buster and another JRT with the rescue. His second home had children, who tortured him by cutting his hair and painting his nails with green sparkle polish (green really isn't his color), among other things. When we adopted him, his hair had mostly grown in, but there were still signs of that hideous polish on his claws - I would have reacted poorly to children, too!

He was such a loyal boy, following Brad around the house like a lost waif, and barking incessantly when Brad wasn't at home. He loved playing with Trouper and Lucy, having his belly scratched for hours on end, and just cuddling next to his humans. He was also a typical wiry terrier, ready for a tussle and not willing to give up. He would chase animals - not the usual squirrels or rabbits, but deer. We have no idea what he thought he'd do if he actually caught something 10 times his size, but who really knows what goes on in the minds of these tiny terriers who think they're the size of Wolfhounds.

Here's to a devoted and loyal friend, a companion like no other, and a true little fighter. We'll miss you, Boo. Very, very much.
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