Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vick to keep $16.2 million in bonuses

UNBELIEVABLE! The man keeps making money. Apparently, in this country, you can stage dog fights, torture and kill animals in the most cruel and horrific manner, and STILL make loads of money. And it just keeps coming!

A federal appeals court has ruled that Michael Vick, Dog Torturer, Dog Killer, Dog Fighting "Enthusiast," can keep $16.2 million in bonuses he earned while playing for the Atlanta Falcons. The NFL had suspended him without pay and tried to assist the Falcons in recovering some of the bonus money they paid to this piece of trash following his conviction in 2007. Vick had the gall to appeal - and he won!

So, let's add this up.

He inks a deal with the Eagles: 1st year he'll get $1.6 million; 2nd year he'll get $5.2 million (sorry, I can't say "earn;" he plays football, for crying out loud. I earn a living. And it ain't in the millions.) Oh, and he gets a $3 million dollar "incentive" over the two years of the contract. So over two years, he has the potential to earn get $9.8 million. 

His reality show will earn sorry, get him about $600K. Like I really care about his sorry life. He wants to change the perception of himself... because "it's not about how you fall, but about how you pick yourself up." I'd like to pick myself up with some of his deals. How do I get his business manager?

Now let's add in his $16.2 million bonus that he gets to keep.

$9.8 + 16.2 + .6 = $25.6 million. Not too bad for a few years of "work." 

Oh, that's right! The poor guy is $100 mil in the hole! But, truth be told, and let's be fair, he did have a little to do with that, didn't he?
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