Sunday, November 29, 2009

While I took a shower...

Charlie took a nap. On my pillows. Like I wouldn't notice.

So I snuck in with the camera. She's so darned cute. How could anyone tie this sweetie to a stop sign when she was 10 weeks old? Jerks. But then again, we never would have met!


  1. She is so adorable. I can't imagine who would give her up, but you're right, you did get so lucky.

  2. This dog looks like it can fly. Why is she so funny looking? Do you have all kinds of paw prints on your bed now? Bet she tracks dirt something terrible!!

  3. If you weren't her uncle, I'd have her leave footprints all over you!

  4. Hey thanks for your comment and support.
    Sometimes it's hard not to feel isolated inside a world of insane people. I love the dog/pit bull community - everyone makes me feel normal.

    And your dog is SOO stinking cute! My pit's best friend was a Shiba! My friend and I used to wonder what a mix of our two breeds would look like! ADORABLE.


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