Friday, December 4, 2009

Worth Repeating:

KC Dog Blog is asking an important question.

I, too, received an e-mail from HSUS asking for a donation. No surprise; I get e-mails from them almost weekly. The kicker is that they're closely associating themselves with the Humane Society of Missouri (not affiliated with HSUS) and they're appearing to take some credit for the dog-fighting bust that resulting in the rescue of some 500 dogs last summer. They're certainly asking for donations for support of these dogs, which don't even appear to be in their care. Please read KC Dog Blog's story which raises questions and concerns that need to be discussed!


  1. I'm not sure what the final story is, but I think it's still important that people aren't discouraged from helping dog shelters, regardless of the types of dogs they help. I had this problem when I wasn't educated about shelters and I used to donate to PAWs. I found out later they use a lot of their money for fundraising, marketing, and most of their dogs are taken from outside of Chicago. Since we've adopted our dogs we know more about the area rescues. We really like Miss M's group: New Leash on Life in Chicago. They are all volunteer-run, and they take all their dogs from the local ACC to help with the problem in Chicago. They also support hard to adopt dogs: pitbulls/bullies, deaf dogs, Senior dogs, paired dogs. They have had a lot of success placing these dogs in happy homes.

  2. PAWS probably doesn't want to be overrun by dogs like Pitties, Rotties, etc. The maligned breeds that people just don't want.

    Just so you know - I work/volunteer at a place named PAWS, but it's not affiliated with the PAWS in Chicago. We're a small place in Norwalk, CT. We take all of our animals in from our own backyard.

    Like the Chicago PAWS, a lot of our area shelters are transporting animals from the South and Midwest, and it hurts me to see this. I know those animals need homes, but our pounds are packed with dogs that are being destroyed because they're not being pulled by our local shelters. It's not right.

    If shelters want to transport animals, they should transport them to places where homeless and neglected pets aren't an epidemic as they are here in CT and other Tri-state shelters. Our poor pound pups shouldn't be put to death when they're as adoptable as others. Just because they're Pits and other less desirable breeds? So sad.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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