Monday, December 28, 2009

The ASPCA Recommends Against BSL!


The ASPCA has released clear and specific recommendations in a position statement in which they oppose breed bans.

Putting forth a well-constructed argument, supported by - gulp - research and facts, the ASPCA has done an excellent job of developing a statement that applies to individual dogs and their owners/guardians, and NOT to specific breeds.
"...the ASPCA is not aware of credible evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer either for people or other companion animals. There is, however, evidence that such laws unfairly target responsible pet guardians and their well-socialized dogs, are inhumane and impede community safety and humane sheltering efforts (Sacks et al., 2000; Wapner, 2000; Taylor, 2004). Although multiple communities have been studied where breed-specific legislation has been enacted, no convincing data indicate this strategy has succeeded anywhere to date (Klaassen et al., 1996; Ott et al., 2007; Rosado, 2007). Conversely, studies can be referenced that evidence clear, positive effects of carefully crafted, breed-neutral laws (Bradley, 2006)."
By including a combination of laws such as the mandatory sterilization of shelter animals, leash laws, tethering/chaining laws, and holding dog guardians financially accountable for a dog's actions, this position statement could be the foundation we've been searching for for so long.
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