Friday, May 4, 2012

PLEASE SHARE! From The Unexpected Pit Bull: Pit Bulls - Best Friends Forever

From The Unexpected Pit Bull:

"Please view and share our video that was created in protest of a heinous article against pit bulls and other breeds by News4Jax in Jacksonville. The article claimed that pit bulls are the #1 dogs that do not mix well with children. To turn a negative into a positive, we decided to put together a video to send to the folks at News4Jax. We turned to you, our community, for pictures of pit bulls with children. Within hours, we received hundreds of great photos from all over the world. This video is the result and shows the world that pit bulls are best friends. The Unexpected Pit Bull strives to combat inaccurate and sensationalized media depictions of pit bull dogs and to protest breed specific laws which victimize innocent families and the dogs' they cherish. Thank you for your support!"

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