Monday, August 16, 2010

An Award!

My very new friends at The Blab Labs (don't you love that blog title!) Emerald and Tierra, have given me an award!

Wasn't that awfully nice of them??

The first thing I'm supposed to do is write seven things about us:

1) Oliver isn't afraid of ANYTHING! Anything except... The sound of motorcycles. Loud ones and quiet ones. Go figure! He even gets nervous if you blow a raspberry!

2) Charlie likes to sleep under the comforter. Summer, winter - it doesn't matter. And when she'd ready for bed, she lets me know by sticking her head under the blanket!

3) In this post, a lot of people mentioned Charlie's beautiful pawdicure. Unfortunately, she won't let me near her sweet little feetsies without biting and growling (sure, she looks sweet). She manages to let her nails get nice and long and they often break off on their own. Not very pretty, and certainly not very comfortable, I'm sure, but that's the sad truth! I usually bring her to the vet for her pawdicure.

4) Both Oliver and Lucy snore... Loudly! I'd expect it from 12-year-old Lucy, but not 8-month-old Oliver! And when he grooms himself, he often sounds like a pig!

5) Trouper is probably the smartest dog I've ever had. He's an obedience dream. I've taught him to sit - lay down - sit - lay down - left paw - right paw - both paws... You get the idea. He's got perfect eye contact, too. But agility? He's the only Border Collie on Earth who doesn't care about it. One night during agility class, he got halfway through the tunnel and stopped to eat the cookies that he found. He looked like a mouse in a snake's tummy.

6) The minute Buster hears the ice dispenser filling a glass, he's in the kitchen. Like he has jets on his paws. Toss Buster an ice cube and you have a friend for life. Please don't tell would-be burglars. I would guess that a tray of ice cubes would be plenty to keep Buster busy enough while they emptied the house.

7) There's no place I'd rather be than snuggled in my bed with all five of my dogs smushed around me! Sleep is so overrated!

My other task is to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers. FIFTEEN!! I follow so many of you and I think you're all fantastic, wonderful, teeeee-riffic! How can I choose just 15? 

So, I hope Emerald and Tierra don't mind, but I'm going to award it to all of you. Each and every one! Congratulations!

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