Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Pitties Sitting Pretty

Meet Vendi (left) and Bandit, two Pit Bulls who have been at the shelter far too long. They're both about 1 1/2 years old and they love to play together. 

Vendi (left) and Bandit (right). 
Vendi loves everyone she meets, and Bandit prefers adults to children. They have the best personalities anyone could ever want in a companion. Cuddly, sweet, playful, friendly... Did I mention playful? And they'll cover you in kisses if given the opportunity.

So why have they been waiting so long for homes? 

Vendi has been at the shelter for over a year. Fifteen months to be exact. Lots of people show interest, but no one ever follows through. She's a stunning lady, red with white, not too large (about 50 lbs.), and so willing to please. She would make a family with kids so happy - and so tired, playing all day long!

Bandit joined us two days before Christmas last year. He's so sweet and handsome with his eye patches. He's not a big dog either (about 45 lbs.), he's good on leash, knows basic obedience and he's so lovable! So why has he been waiting for nine months for a home?

I can't accept that it's because they're Pit Bulls. But I'm sure that's what it is. And it's so unfair to these two wonderful dogs.
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