Monday, November 15, 2010

DNA Mystery Continues

A few months back, I did a cheek swab DNA test on Oliver. The results were not what I had expected. At all.

I know I have a lovable mutt, but looking at him - and I know you can't just look at a dog and determine its breed(s), we know that a lot of problems have stemmed from that mistake! - I would bet the ranch on Rhodesian Ridgeback somewhere in his lineage.

Now, I know the cheek swab test isn't as accurate as the blood test. So when it came back with somewhat surprising results,  I thought of it as more of a funny conversation piece rather than Oliver's heritage written in stone.

And I set my sights on a MARS Wisdom Panel. Indeed, the Wisdom Panel would shed light on who Ollie really is; what makes his ears do weird, floppy things; why, when he barks, it's sort of a howl, sort of a - well - scream from the depths, like something out of a B horror flick. This is not a "Labrador/Rottweiler with a dash of Yorkie," and we were going to identify who Oliver really is!

Well, let me tell you. This "more accurate blood test" has got me wondering how many daddys little Ollie has. Seriously.

First, a little background to help you understand the results.

MARS breaks the breed make up into Significant, Intermediate, and Minor. If a Significant breed is detected, it means that at least 50% of the dog's DNA comes from that particular breed. If an Intermediate breed is detected, at least 25% of the dog's DNA is from that breed. If a Minor breed is detected, at least 12.5% of the dog's DNA is from that breed.


Banish the idea of Labrador or Rottweiler or Yorkie from your mind. Just forget about those breeds altogether. Not a drop of those pooches in Ollie, according to MARS. Not one single drop.

My little Oliver, King of All Mutts, is:

  • No Significant breed detected
  • Intermediate breed (25%): Dachshund
  • Minor breeds: Japanese Chin, Boxer, and Toy Poodle

I can see Dachshund in him at times, but Japanese Chin? Toy Poodle??

So now, when I get upset with him, I threaten to curl his hair and dye it pink.

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