Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're Exhausted!

Too much fun. It's the only way to describe PAWS' 4th Annual Bark in the Park, held this past Saturday.

We had 135 registered walkers, and I would estimate that at least 400 people attended with their dogs in tow. There were so many dogs of all sizes and breeds - I was like a kid in a candy shop! Our vendor space was sold out - first time in four years - we're already looking for a larger venue for next year!

I didn't win the "big" raffle (for an HDTV, iPad2, or Garmin), but I did score a very cool Rescue Ink t-shirt, doggy bandana, Fromm treats, and a Nylabone for the pooches in the smaller raffle.

The Rescue Ink doggy bandana makes even the sweetest dog look tough.

I picked up a very pretty collar for Charlie - it captures her kooky personality perfectly. It's got a rich brown background and it's made from satin so although it's a thicker collar, it's very flexible and very girlie-girl for my tomboy. Handmade by Sew Fetching. The picture doesn't do it justice:

Your pooch, too, can have a beautiful collar (or other accessories) from Sew Fetching!

The Sew Fetching folks came with THE cutest Papillion named Annie! She definitely stole my heart.

Annie, Sew Fetching's very own, very beautiful mascot!

Pooches from the teeniest puppy...

...to the much larger attended. (Only a Dane could make a Dobie look small!)

Oliver got to meet Francois, a PAWS adoptable who I would LOVE to 
add to my crew! I think they liked each other! As a matter of fact, 
I think Ollie is giving Franky a little kiss in this pic!

This is one of PAWS' puppies, available for adoption, who slept like a baby at one point. 
Peter, volunteer puppy wrangler, had his arms full with this little bulldozer!

A good time was had by all... 
And we slept like babies that night! (Oh, the snoring!)
More pics to come as they become available!

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