Saturday, June 23, 2012

Walkers Beware

Mom's getting ready for her walk, but it's been tough lately. Because this stuff,

poison ivy, is starting to take over the sidewalks.

It creeps along, the leaves get huge... It's annoying! Mom is very allergic and tries to avoid this stuff like the plague.

This place has sooo much poison ivy. We've seen vines almost half a foot wide curling up trees - it's incredible. Tarzan would love it. IF he lived around here. And weren't allergic. Unfortunately, these aren't the kinds of vines you want to play around with.

When we first moved here, mom had to get cortisone shots because she had such bad reactions. Her dermatologist knew to expect her at the first sign of warm weather - sometime in April and again in July. She didn't learn her lesson. SHE wanted to win against this pesky stuff and would pull the vines the minute they started to grow. Well, 10 years later, she knows she's lost.

Now, she looks at it with disgust and walks down the center of the street. I guess she'd rather be hit by a car than covered with an oozy, ugly allergic reaction! (She doesn't take us on these walks. We get it on our coats and pass it along to her!)

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