Saturday, July 14, 2012

"I Am Lennox" Group on Facebook

Beautiful banner from I Am Lennox's Facebook page

For the past two years, millions of people around the world have followed Lennox's story, which tragically ended in his senseless death this past week.

To show the world that Lennox's supporters stand in solidarity against BSL, a group of concerned citizens created a Facebook page called "I Am Lennox." They encourage people to post pictures of their dogs as a strong message against the cruel and tragic punishment Lennox received for simply looking like a pit bull. The message, of course, extends to BSL, and the dangers of breed-specific legislation of any kind.

If you have a Facebook page, visit I Am Lennox; I dare you not to get lost in the thousands of posts from people around the world. It's an amazing, worldwide journey to read each post, which, by the way, are not just of dogs of all breeds, but include cats, guinea pigs, even a tarantula. You'll cry a little, laugh a little, let out a few "awwww"s, and feel great that Lennox's loss is not going to be easily forgotten. We can't forget.

Join the group if you so desire (you need to receive approval before posting). When I joined on Wednesday, there were only 5500 members. The group is now nearly 14,000 strong! The Belfast City Council has made a horrible mistake, and the entire world has to learn that judging a book by its cover helps no one.

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