Saturday, July 20, 2013

FOUND!!!!! Trouper is Missing! Please help!

My beloved 15-year-old Border Collie "Trouper" went missing on Thursday morning (7/18), at about 11am from 175 East Rocks Road, Norwalk, CT. He walked off the property after being alone for only a few minutes - my brother literally went inside for a glass of water - and we haven't seen him since.

Aside from scouring the neighborhood and adjacent wooded areas, we've posted all over Facebook, plastered the area with flyers, contacted vets, ACs, the police - everyone we could think of. Being in the rescue community has been a blessing - with everyone sharing, I know the word is definitely getting out there that Trouper is missing.

We received one call that he may have been spotted on Thursday night at about 9pm, almost 5 miles from home (if you were to drive it; probably 3-3.5 miles if he followed streams and brooks). Unfortunately, the person hadn't seen our flyers or posts until yesterday around 2pm. We checked out the area, but didn't see him - we put up more flyers around there as well and our fingers are crossed that we'll get a call or two.

I'm working with a tracker starting tomorrow morning (she's been booked and this is the soonest she can get here). She's had a lot of success in finding dogs, and happens to be the mom of a very popular missing dog in our area, Andy (Bring Andy Home). In the search for Andy (more on her story and her search for Andy here), Jordina became a tracker herself and is now a full time field agent with Lost Pet Professionals. She knows first-hand the grief we feel when a pet is lost, and I have no doubt that she will do all she can as we search for Trouper. Yes, it will be expensive, no I'm not rich, yes other bills will go unpaid. I don't care - I'm heartbroken and frantic to find Trouper and get him home safely.

If you're in the area, or know people in this area (Norwalk, CT) - please share this poster! I'll be forever in your debt. I want my poor, old Trouper home - safe and sound.

Thank you all!!

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