Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Prime Pet Supply

I was contacted a while back to do a review of Prime Pet Supply. Serkan at Prime gave me a credit to spend any way I wanted - so I set off to shop, shop, shop! I ordered a few things that we needed, then asked my furry assistants to help me review them.

Prime Pet Supply has an attractive and easy-to-navigate site, offers auto-ship (ensuring that your pets will never go hungry again because Stupid Human forgot to stop and pick up food!), and free shipping on orders over $69.

It should be noted that Prime carries higher-end dog foods, and at very good prices (at least compared to what they'd cost in local pet supply stores in Fairfield County, CT). Couple that with free shipping over $69 and the fact that you won't have to go to the pet supply store and lug around heavy bags of food = excellent stuff!

My shopping booty!
My first purchase was a harness for Oliver. Prime carries lots of harnesses, and I went for the Puppia soft harness. Second, I went for the EarthRated eco-friendly poop bags - which happen to be lavender-scented. Since we bring our own reusable totes to the store, we have few plastic bags hanging around the house any more. I like that these are biodegradable and come in a small, handy dispenser that attaches to my leash. The last thing I chose was a set of PAWZ rubber booties for Lucy. She's having problems getting up on slippery floors, so I thought this would be a good solution for her. (She thought differently.)

My lovely model, Oliver, was happy to show off his new harness. I love the Puppia soft harness because it doesn't rub or irritate his oh-so-tender body. He likes it, too:

With a glint in his eye, and a smile on his face...

"Okay, I did my part, now let's go for a walk!"

Charlie is very happy with the scent of the poop bags from EarthRated. She's also thrilled that they're biodegradable!
"Hmmmm... smells like flowers, not poo."

Of course, Oliver had to get in on the action, too.

The PAWZ were less-than-popular with Lucy - who wouldn't even let me put them on her. But, I've seen dogs at the shelter wear these happily. They're comfortable, don't slip off, and give the dog a natural feeling of the ground beneath them. It's not like wearing booties which can be so foreign feeling to a dog. And PAWZ are water-, salt-, mud-, etc.-proof, and are easy to rinse off and keep clean.

"I think this is a cookie, but I'll have to wait and see."

Overall, I was very happy with the offerings at Prime Pet Supply. I placed my order on a Sunday and received it on Tuesday - not bad considering I didn't ask for expedited delivery. Based on reviews on the web, their customer service seems to be excellent - people LOVE Serkan! Although my brands of dog food (Wellness and Merrick) aren't on their site, as I said, they do offer higher-end foods, auto-ship, and free shipping over $69 - hard to beat.

We give Prime Pet Supply a huge thumbs-up. Visit them today and take a look at the great stuff they have to offer!

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