Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sleep well, sweet beauty

On Thursday, we had to let Lucy go. After almost 16 years of love, companionship, and loyalty, her little body was just too tired to go on.

I love all of my dogs, more than anyone will ever know. But once in a while, one of them wiggles into your heart and settles in just a tiny bit more than the others. That was Lucy. From the day I saw her - a scraggly puppy with wild eyes, a keen determination, and the playfulness of four puppies - I knew she was meant to be with me.

For nearly 16 years, she followed me everywhere. When I was sick, she was by my side. She perched behind me on the top of the sofa while we watched TV. She threw herself between me a dogs three times her size if she ever thought I was in danger. And she just plain loved me, as I did her. I can still feel the softness of her coat, her kisses, and - most of all - her never-ending love and devotion.

My heart is in pieces without her, but I know we'll meet again. Rest my beautiful girl. I'll love you forever. I'll never forget you and I hope you never forget me.

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