Thursday, November 5, 2009

More new wordle art


  1. As part of my blog-ratng voyage, I would just like to say that this blog is truly a wonderful thing. Hardly anyone wants to (or even can) adopt pitbulls these days. I myself am a dog lover, and I hate to see how people have abused these dogs for their own personal enjoyment in do fighting. I rate his blog a 9.5, because I feel, that unlike most blogs, it has a purpose.

  2. Thanks, Transalta. I never knew my dog had so much to say, but she's very opinionated. Okay, I'm doing the writing; she's been having trouble with the keyboard for years.

    It's sad that people have to give up their dogs because of the type of dog, not because of the dog's behavior - it makes no sense. I think that bothers me the most.

    I appreciate your rating. I feel kinda special... Thanks!


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