Friday, January 29, 2010

When did puppies become auction items?!

It came to our attention that St. Mary's Hospital Foundation made the appalling decision to auction off a puppy at its upcoming annual gala this year. Along with such extravagant silent auction items as a winter vacaton in Tahoe, a week in Tuscany, and an African safari, guests are invited to bid on the nine-week-old puppy that will be wandering among them during the evening:
How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Feeling lucky? You could take home the very first "Saint Mary’s Puppy"! Be sure to keep your eyes out for this adorable puppy meandering throughout the auction. It is a nine-week-old, home-raised, AKC-registered Golden Retriever. The sire is hip certified, the puppy has been vet checked and has had all initial shots and is sure to warm everyone's heart. This cuddly creature will make a wonderful addition to any family. A basket full of creature comforts, collar, leash, food and treats is included. Value: Priceless
Who came up with this incredibly stupid idea?!

The president of our shelter's board, apparently joined by many other voices from the community (see comments section), immediately wrote to the organizers demanding that they remove this poor creature from the list of "items" being auctioned.

And it paid off. She received this message:
After receiving input from the local community and beyond, Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation had decided to call off plans to auction a puppy at its 19th annual gala. Each year a number of unique items are auctioned,such as dinners, travel, and other one-of-a-kind experiences...
A puppy? Seriously - "unique, one-of-a-kind experience"? Get a life... They don't have dogs on your planet?
"The idea to auction the puppy came about as our committee researched other charitable auctions and the items they had successfully auctioned," said Margaret Lawlor, President of the Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation. "However, after the concerned response that we have received, we have decided to forgo this idea. We certainly would not want to do anything that could be considered potentially harmful or inappropriate."
Yeah, you wouldn't want to do anything that would be inappropriate LIKE AUCTION OFF A PUPPY to THE HIGHEST BIDDER AND NOT NECESSARILY THE BEST POSSIBLE HOME now wouldya. Glad they didn't find other auctions where guns were "successfully" auctioned items.

More on the decision here.
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