Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dogs Stolen from TN Day Care/Rescue

***UPDATE: This story was fabricated. See next post. Also see post on YesBiscuit.***

Canine Hope All Breed Rescue is both a doggy day care and rescue facility.

During the night, someone broke in, stabbed an employee, and - this part isn't clear - they either stole 13 dogs or stole some dogs while others got away through open gates or doors. Pictures of stolen dogs...

If you can help spread the word, all they want is to get these precious dogs back to safety. Some have medical issues which need prompt attention while others are new to the facility and might not know their way back.

Here is the entry from Facebook from our friend at Life with Dogs:
At 3:30 am this morning, two men broke into Doggie Care Center in Johnson City, TN. 
This is where our friend and fellow rescue person, Tammara Josselyn, keeps all the rescue animals she takes in, nurses back to health, and finds loving homes for. They stole several dogs and stabbed an employee. 
Please contact Tammara at or call her 423 773 8113 immediately if you have any information or contacts who can assist. Tammara needs our help, she is devastated and only wants these dogs back. Through our vast network, I am hopeful we can do just that. 
There is also a substantial reward being offered for the safe return of these dogs.
If you can, take a moment to post this to your blogs or Facebook pages. The more eyes that see this, perhaps the more information the police can collect.

My best wishes to the employee who was injured and the owners of the facilty.
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