Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Banfield Responds!

I'm very pleased and impressed that Banfield, The Pet Hospital responded to my previous post!

I'm impressed when a huge corporation digs out a small potato like me. I think corporations need to be aware of what the public is saying AND react appropriately. And Banfield did just that.
"Banfield The Pet Hospital said...
Banfield, The Pet Hospital is not associated or affiliated with any religious organizations or groups. We are an equal opportunity employer and our associates are free to practice whatever religion they choose. However, as a practice, our associates are asked to refrain from expressing their religious views within the workplace and with clients. In the instance of the job posting regarding our Stamford, Conn. Hospital, the posting was not posted by, or authorized by, Banfield, The Pet Hospital. Above all, our doctors and other veterinary professionals are committed to practicing the highest-quality of veterinary medicine and our priority is providing the best care possible to the Pets we treat.
June 29, 2010 4:49 PM"
But, I'd feel even better if they said that they were taking some degree of action with the Stamford, CT location regarding the ad that was posted.  And, I'm more than willing to ask my friend if she knows the name of the vet in the Norwalk, CT location who was so eager to put her pet to death. I can easily provide this information via private e-mail.
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