Sunday, June 20, 2010


Not knowing what breed mix Oliver is is driving me a little nuts. I do know that he's a crazy, lovable, and loyal mutt, and that's what really counts. But I always thought my next dog would be a Pit Bull, not some kind of hound mix.

I am a handsome devil, aren't I?

Oliver has all of the makings of a hound. Nose to the ground, floppy ears, long and lanky (okay, my apologies to the Dachshunds and Bassets).

Lady with the camera, quit it, willya?

Of course, there's the crazy tail that's missing a few inches, but we'll never know that story. It still wags like crazy and gets his point across!

Hey! Where'd the rest of my tail go?!

Ollie gets along great with the other dogs. And Charlie is in love with her little brother. The other dogs are all about 12 years old, and they've had enough of her playing. So having a play pal has really made her a lot happier.

Usurper. As soon as my guillotine is back from the
shop, it's curtains for you.

I am a regal pooch. I will take over this household.
You will obey me.

So what is he? I know Trouper is a Border Collie, Lucy's a mini-Australian Shepherd, Buster's a Parson Russell Terrier, and Charlie is a Shiba Inu/Pit Bull mix. But what mix is Oliver, really?

Well, I decided to do a DNA test on him. I got a Canine Heritage Breed Test and swabbed his cheek. This pup is so eager to please, swabbing his cheek was a breeze. Any of the others would have fought me tooth and nail. And we're talking much more tooth, believe me.

I sent the sample to the company the last week of May, and it's supposed to take 4-6 weeks to get results. So the toe tapping has begun. I'm getting antsy and it's only been three weeks. I keep checking the site for updates, but all I see is "sample in progress." It's driving me crazy!

Both my brother and the vet have votes in for Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I see Redbone Coonhound. Of course, this picture at the Canine Heritage site looks just like Ollie, and it's a Boxer/St. Bernard mix (yikes!). So who knows? Only the DNA will tell.

Of course there are some caveats. DNA tests are only as good as the markers they test for. In other words, if they don't test for "Poodle," your dog isn't a Poodle as far as they're concerned, no matter what your AKC papers say. But the Canine Heritage test looks for over 100 breeds, so it's a start. Redbone Coonhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback are both on there, and so is Staffordshire Bull Terrier. American Pit Bull Terrier isn't, though (hey, you never know!, and a girl could dream...).

I'll keep you posted. But the results had better come in soon!
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