Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mr. Chewy - Rocks!

Recently, my pal Frankie told me about MrChewy, a website where you can purchase dog and cat food and treats, plus other supplies at great prices. Well, I was skeptical, because so many sites are out there touting the same claim of more for less. But...

I decided to check it out myself. I asked my assistant Lucy to bring up the MrChewy site (she's very good with her nose on the touchpad, much better than the other dogs in the house):

Let's enter... Okay, mom, got it!
Then, we looked up the price of the food we buy - Wellness Super5mix. We learned that it is $11.55 a bag less through MrChewy than at our local Petco!! If you're like us, and you buy at least two bags a month, this really adds up - to the tune of nearly $280 a year! That's quite a savings.

Now, with five dogs, there's nothing worse than running out of food. Do you know what it's like having five dogs look at you like you're a pork roast? It's not a good feeling.

Well, thanks to MrChewy, this will never happen again! Because... And this is the best part... MrChewy provides free shipping for orders over $49, and you can set up an automatic delivery schedule which you can adjust or cancel at any time.

Let's see... free shipping, set a schedule, save $11.55 a bag... What's to think about?! I set up an auto-delivery schedule for two bags every four weeks. Now, I don't have to worry about running out of food or making last minute trips to the store anymore. No more dogs looking at ME like I was dinner because their bowls were empty! More smiles on all faces!

 I {heart} MrChewy!
For my first order, I received an unexpected promotional discount of an extra $14.40. So, for my very first order with MrChewy, I saved $37.50! Hey, that's half a tank of gas... I'm a very happy doggy mom. Thanks, Frankie, for sharing this info with us!

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