Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Anyone with Doubts...

That Paw Power really works! Our thanks and wet, slurpy kisses go to our friend Roo for adding little Lucy to the Power of the Paw badge (look to your right, and you'll see other pooches who can use a little extra Paw Power these days). And, our thanks and even wetter, slurpier kisses (if that's possible) go out to everyone in Blogville who kept Lucy in their thoughts during our wait for her ultrasound results. Why is it that time seems to stand still when we're waiting for test results?!

To catch everyone up, about a month ago, Lucy started drinking and urinating more than usual. At 14, she's otherwise in excellent shape, except for some hearing loss and a heart murmur that we've never had to treat. So this new behavior was obvious and worrisome.

Off to the vet we went. I LOVE my vet, by the way. Just wanted to get that in there! If you move to my neck of the woods, let me know. Have I got a vet practice for you...

The doctor had her suspicions from the beginning, but she wanted to check for more simple things to start. So, they looked to see if it was a kidney infection or Cushing's but no. Too "easy" for my complicated Aussy. Lucy's blood pressure was also up, which, when coupled with her high protein levels really pointed to chronic kidney disease. They did an ultrasound just to make sure there were no other nasties going on, and thank goodness, it confirmed that nothing ugly was taking over. I could deal with chronic kidney disease, but  not something more nasty with my Heart Dog!

So, here's the amazing part. On Friday, just two days ago, we started her on yucky, tasteless prescription food and blood pressure medication. I figured she'd turn her nose up at this awful, grey food. No, she gulps it down like it's sirloin steak. I also figured it would be hard to pill her - she's not big on letting me near her snout. But, I tuck her pill in a bit of food and she sucks that down, too. By yesterday afternoon she was a new dog! Playing again, bright eyed, back to her inquisitive and kooky self. It's like Lucy's back with us again. And we're very happy to have her!

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