Monday, March 19, 2012

Power of the Paw, Please!

May I ask for your Power of the Paw for my little Lucy? I would greatly appreciate it! She hasn't been feeling great lately, and she's been going through lots of tests to try and pinpoint the cause. We started with some simple urine tests to see if she had a kidney infection (no), moved on to a urine protein:creatinine ratio test and that showed that she has way too much protein in her urine. So now, she has an appointment for an ultrasound of her kidneys on Wednesday... I'm hoping that if we all cross our paws really tightly, she'll be A-okay.

This little lady is my {heart} dog, and I expect her to live forever. I know that's absurd, but it will happen. It has to! She'll be 14 on April 5th. And we'll be celebrating!!

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