Sunday, February 21, 2010

Double Gag

Why a double gag?

Well, first, who wants to see Michael Vick at all, never mind naked? Apparently, Playgirl has offered a cool mil to the ex-con to pose nude for the magazine. Blech.

The second gag? His paycheck for posing naked would be donated to PETA. If that isn't worth a double gag, I don't know what is. The one organization that doesn't believe animals should be kept as pets, has a kill rate that hovers around 95%, and they're going to get $1 million dollars? Well, we know it won't be used to save animals, that's for sure. Give it to BadRap, or PBRC, or another rescue that focuses its efforts on helping Pit Bulls.

So, let's see how "bad" this guy's life has been so far. On top of being reinstated to the NFL, keeping millions in bonuses, getting a reality TV show, and getting the Ed Block Courage (cough, cough) Award, he's being asked to show his bod naked in a magazine. Just what this jerk needs, a nude pic in Playgirl. That will certainly keep his ego nice and small.


  1. He nauseates me. I wish something very bad would happen to him.

  2. Sad, isn't it? I don't wish harm on anyone, except scum like MV.

  3. disgusting
    i wish him bad things and bad things only
    my mommish always says you dont have to die and go to hell to pay for all your wrongs you pay them right here on earth eventually
    i'll be anxiously waiting for his day to come

  4. That is so offensive, on so many levels. Yuck.

  5. I literally gagged a little as I was reading this. E had to check that I was ok.

  6. He;s a giant douchebag. I'm looking like a mirror image of that pic of him right now if you get me. :)

  7. I don't know much about this man Pibble because I'm in England, but he doesn't sound very nice at all. I'm so pleased you found my blog and stopped by to comment on little Sheba's progress. You are a great looking dog!

    Love from


  8. Pibble, I do not like him at all. A very nice way of saying it.
    Hey Pibble, Josie says she loves you. She wants to teach you how to roll in the's fun...
    Much Love,

  9. @Josie - first, you'd have to get Charlie to put all four feet in the snow! She's a bit "snow shy." She'd stand on two feet in the snow, if she could! Wags to you, Josie!


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