Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When People Have Nothing Better to Do But Complain

Apparently, Mrs. Wallbank of Baltimore has had it up to here with urine in the snow. If you'll recall, that's the 30+ inches of snow that slammed their area, and that people have barely managed to clear from sidewalks just to make them passable in Her City.

She recently wrote to the Baltimore Sun to complain about the yellow snow she's been tolerating, poor thing, since the recent storms.

Now, never mind that Baltimoreans' roofs are caving in from the weight of the snow. Noooooo. Urine on the city sidewalks is at the top of Mrs. W's I've-Got-to-Get-A-Life List.

Mrs. Wallbank asks why, if dog owners can scoop the poop, they can't also carry a small shovel to remove the frozen urine. I suppose standing by waiting for warm urine to freeze would be an okay idea.

But I have an even better idea. Maybe they could start a buddy system of sorts, where my dog would pee, but the next guy would shovel it up, after it's had time to freeze. My obligation would be to find other frozen pee to shovel up. Sort of a Pee Swap or Pee Honor System.

No, seriously.


  1. Bwahahah!! No seriously...BWAHAHA!!

    Some people...thanks for the good laugh today!

  2. I find it interesting because with the yellow spots I can actually see what my dogs are sniffing at. Before it was just a random patch of grass.

  3. Reminds me of the classic advice: Never eat yellow snow.

  4. Some people worry about the stupidest things...


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