Friday, February 5, 2010

Pit Bull attack in Hoboken, NJ

The lead paragraph of this story goes like this:
Police said they don't know what provoked two pit bulls to attack three people in an upscale residence here.
Three people are in the hospital with bites to their legs and both dogs are dead. There isn't much reported just yet, and chances are we'll never learn more or at least the truth.

Dogs don't just attack their owners out of the blue.

There are so many factors that could contribute to these dogs' "turning" on their owners. Did the owners recently adopt them and did they know little if anything about them? Are they fostering them, and again did they know little about them? Shame on the rescue organization, if that's the case.

On the flip side, were these dogs used to protect something, say, a drug stash? Were they taught to be aggressive? Was one person in the apartment being violent toward another; did that trigger the dogs into action?

But what was the real story here? The media story? It was a Pit Bull attack, pure and simple. That's the media sensation and that's why it's likely we'll never know the full truth.

Score another one against the Pitties.


It's not completely clear, but it seems that one of the dogs did all of the attacking. The second Pit Bull "remained harmless," and according to The Humane Society  "was apparently ownerless." Could one of the apartment residents have taken in the dog from the streets in an attempt to help it and things went horribly wrong?


  1. I live in the building next door, My dog and four other dogs were attacked previously by this Pit Bull.

  2. Do you know anything about the owners?

  3. i do...your point is is 50/50...owner/dog

  4. There is always so much left out of the story. I remember seeing a video where a former dog fighter was saying a lot of these dog gone rampant attacks were people watching a fight when a dog got loose. I don't know if that's the specific case here, but we do know how much these dogs will do anything for there owners. Like we posted today, our pooches will do ANYTHING for treats, but they let us pile them on their feet and wait just because we asked them to.

  5. Anonymous, I would love to know what four dogs you are talking about ... I know of one and the fight started on both sides. I am lying in a hospital bed right now, and I really don't appreciate you sharing information that you think you know, when it has never been fully explained to me. You know who I am, you know where I am right now, and if you have info to share, I would appreciate it if you would talk with me directly first.

  6. An acquaintance who lives at the Shipyard told me his dog was recently bitten by a white pitbull there, suddenly and unprovoked. Does anyone know what color "Giant" was? The pit was with a dogwalker so my acquaintance did not meet its owner.

  7. I'm sure the dogs weren't registered with the shipyard. Applied has has POOR management. I would sue the pants of them. Sure it has something to do thew the owners of the company. Friends living in that apartment. Puts others in the building at risk. Would never trent there!


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