Thursday, February 25, 2010

Skeletor Needs Your Help!

Have you ever seen a dog this skinny - still standing?

Skeletor, as his rescuers have named him, wandered right up to them one morning. This poor fellow is just skin and bones, yet he's friendly and playful just the same. It seems nothing gets him down, even the fact that he's at least 25 lbs. underweight!

Today, Skeletor went to the vet for his initial vaccinations and bloodwork. While he doesn't have intestinal parasites, he is heartworm positive and will need treatment.

Read more about this adorable pooch and the couple who are working hard to save him. 

And, if you can, make a donation toward his care. He made sure he didn't die on the streets, and now he deserves our help.


  1. Oh we love Skeletor - we are so glad he is getting to be known around! He is such a cutie and we have posted about him on our blog too (and we donated what we could too).

  2. Isn't he wonderful! I hope we can raise some money on behalf of the wonderful people who rescued him.

  3. yes poor sweet pibble
    we are definately keeping him in our prayers
    thank you for posting about him
    hopefully we can all band together and a miracle can happen
    extra pibble sugars
    the houston piitie pack

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OMG, this reminds me of our own little Sheba when we first got her. She wasn't quite as bad as this as the people at the pound had fed her up for two weeks before we got there, but this resembles what they told us she looked like when they fist got her (and she was bad enough then, as anyone who has seen Tilly's blog will testify). This is the height of cruelty and Skeletor seems much like Sheba in that, despite being so cruelly treated by humans he still went right up to his rescuers and pleaded for love and attention. It breaks my heart to see and hear of such things. I hope it won't be long before he is back to full health and enjoying life again as our Sheba is.


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