Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Jig is up

He's joined my crew and his name is now Oliver! Have I mentioned that I love him to pieces...

I am such an Oliver.
Oliver, formerly Padre, came very close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge just a few weeks ago. He contracted an upper respiratory tract infection which, on top of being just about the skinniest little dog I've ever seen, pulled my heart from my chest and almost the life from his. I mean, I've had to care for many animals, but sticking a needle into this teeny tiny pup to get some fluids into him was about the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Then, when he was at the vet's for several days and things weren't looking good... There were a lot of sleepless nights.

When he recovered and we started showing him to possible adopters, my heart started to flinch a little. The thought of having FIVE dogs was pretty ridiculous. But the thought of someone else having this little kid was too much to bear. Where would he end up? Would they love him as much as I do? Would they take care of him and make sure he never suffered again?

A week passed and his three surviving brothers, Beanie, Njord, and Preacher, all went to great homes (you'll remember that two didn't pull through, Luther and Nereus, who had even more serious issues). Why wasn't anyone interested in this little guy, with the corkscrew tail and huge inkpot eyes, all wiggles and kisses and happiness when he sees you? 

Pardon me bum, miss.
You're getting sleepy - and falling hopelessly in love with me...
You cannot possibly resist me.
Part of me didn't want to adopt him because I knew he'd find a great home eventually. I mean, it's not like he'd been waiting for months.

But look at his little feet. They're perfect. And he has a HUGE personality. And that crazy tail. Probably tied off or caught in a door or something awful.

Oh well, what's five dogs? A house full of love (and dog hair), that's what it is!

Was that a mani-pedi or a pedi-pedi?
It's my floppy ears, isn't it?
Or is it my gentlemanly pose?
However you look at it, I'm irresistible!
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