Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time for Fun: Blog Hop!

After a rough week, it's time for some fun! My friend, Nigel Bugger has introduced me to the Pet Blogger Hop, so follow along, if you'd like.

It's a great way to find other blogging pet lovers, just click on "Click here to enter," then "Get the code here," and you're off!

Visit and follow people on the list, and hopefully, they'll find and follow you, too. Most importantly, have fun and make some new friends.


  1. We are just going around blog hopping and making new friends. It appears that we are a cat blog but in truth, there are two lovely dogs that live here too. Even the dogs like the cats. Our mom has rescued all of us feral cats so we are very grateful to her.
    Sorry about the poor puppy that had to be sent to the bridge. That is always so sad especially for a puppy.
    Hope your days get better.

  2. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
    Davinia & Indiana

    Thank you for everything that you do for the animals in your care and trying to find them furever homes.

  3. Blog hopping. I adore pibbles and can't wait to learn more about the work you're doing. <3

  4. Found you through the Blog Hop and am enjoying your site (although it looks like you had a rough week!). I love that you're promoting awareness of pits and I'll be sure to come back and visit!

  5. We found you thru the Blog Hop and are happy to read all about the wonderful work you and your organization do to help less fortunate doggies and kitties. Keep up the great work!

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  6. we just joined and it looks like tons of fun

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  7. 喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。........................................

  8. Fun! Thanks for posting this. I can hardly wait to visit the blogs listed. :)

  9. is it sad that I look at this and thing "NO MORE! I CANT FOLLOW ANYMORE BLOGS!!!"?

  10. Hi Pibble! Thanks for stopping by our blog! We are looking forward to making many new friends with this blog hopping thing!


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