Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We'll Miss You, Princess Zoe, Luther, & Mr. Bill

It's been a tough week at the shelter. And it's only Tuesday.

On Sunday, we lost one of our 12-week-old pups to a virus. He fought so hard! He and his brothers came in to the shelter with it, but Luther just couldn't shake it. He spent the last week at the vet's getting round the clock care.

Such a tiny pup, just starting out in life; it's so unfair. He seemed to rally mid-week last week, but by Sunday morning he had passed peacefully. He was so playful and noisy when he first came in - I can't believe we lost this fantastic little pup.

Also on Sunday, Mr. Bill had to be let go. This lovable old man was obviously someone's pet at one time or another, but he went unclaimed at the pound. We thought he had kennel cough or canine influenza because he was hacking so badly, but tests showed a thyroid tumor. He was such a handsome Boxer, about 12-years-old, and he loved everyone he met. He was only at the shelter for a short time, and boy, did we fall in love with him!

And today, Zoe (below), our 17-year-old princess, let us know it was time. She couldn't get comfortable, yet her legs were too weak for her to constantly move around as some dogs do when their time has come. Our director had to make the difficult decision to let Princess Zoe cross the Rainbow Bridge tonight.

I can only believe that there's a better place, where Luther, Mr. Bill, and Zoe are together. They're no longer suffering, they're happy and playful and enjoying each others' company as dogs should. And someday, we'll all meet again.

I'm gonna miss you guys!


  1. Oh my! It has been a sad week so far....

  2. I'm so sad for your loses. I too had a special spot for Miss Zoe, even though I've never met her. The photo of her in her party hat even made its way into my screen saver rotation.

    All three were so lucky that they were in your shelter's care. They all received love and care in their last walk of life.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  3. @Maureen: I Photoshopped Zoe's crown on her for our director. She truly was her very favorite (although ALL of them are our favorites!). A, our director, has a special spot in her heart for the elderly ones, and Zoe was very, very special! :-)

  4. oh my, im so sorry abotu your losses. a sad week indeed

  5. A very sad week, indeed. I'm glad they ended up at PAWS, and that they were so well loved and cared for, even if just for an all-to-short while.

  6. Oh, it's so sad to hear about this. The work you do there is so important, but I know with all the losses it must be so hard.

  7. Very sad! So sorry, breaks my heart, to see these old dogs in shelters. These dogs gave people the best years of there life and now they are not there when they need them. I wish I could save them all.

  8. we're furry much sad ofur all the wittle angels that left ush this week. we'll be sure to tell our brofur angel chico to show them the ways of the rainbow bridge until we all meet again

    sad sniffles
    the pittie pack


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