Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Bedtime

When Charlie is ready for bed, she lets you know by sticking her head under the comforter. It's sort of like your mother telling you that's it's time to turn off the lights, there's school tomorrow.


  1. I love how she communicates. Can she still breathe under there?

  2. My (mostly) Chihuahua burrows totally under the covers when it is bedtime.

  3. Oh that is so funny! Virgil used to go up and get in bed at bedtime but he stopped doing that. The rest of the cats don't really do anything at bedtime. That is super cute that she lets you know like that!

  4. @Schwang: She spends the entire night under the comforter, so I'm assuming she breathes just fine! :)

  5. Hiya! What a cute picture... Does that work? I might have to try it with my mom as well!
    And we saw you number plates. PAWESOME!!!! Such a shame that you can only have plates like that in the US. The Germans are too stiff to allow something like that and the Aussies not creative enough :)
    Slobbers Teal'c

  6. brinks does that to us too
    but he likes to crawl under no matter what the temp is and then he's all breathing hard when its the summer time


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