Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buster Breaks Free

After two weeks - yes, two weeks - of wearing the e-collar without a break - that would be night and day, folks - we've been given the green light to remove the contraption from the poor pooch's neck.

I shall scream this from the mountain tops: His eye has fully healed! The needle-in-the-eye-flicking-holes-in-the-cornea procedure worked!

And it's a good thing. Happy camper he was not. He was getting more and more pathetic looking every day. And Buster could work pathetic to the max. We are talking Oscar performance.

Buster really should be on TV. He can play the part of the neglected dog so, so very well. Buster cries just perfectly to tug the heartstrings. For example, while we're eating dinner, he'll stand outside of the dining room and cry like a poor lost puppy who hasn't eaten in weeks. If you're petting one dog, he'll stand at the edge of the room and cry - well, like a poor lost puppy who hasn't been held in weeks. If you're not paying attention to him for whatever reason, he'll stand and look at you and cry... like the psycho puppy he is.

So during this ordeal, he'd get his eyedrops, stick his tongue out at you, and go curl up in his favorite spot. Then he'd cry for attention, squint the right eye just enough to let you know that he was the sick dog, not one of the other dogs, flip you the Doggie Bird (for giving him eyedrops), and go back to sleep.

He really is precious.

Anyway, we've gone from this:

Yes. I am pathetic. Come, weep with me.

To this:

Sing along: Happy days are here again, 
my eyes they are both clear again...

"I'm just a sweet dog who would love to sit on your lap (or rip out your throat)."

Pathetic no more. Beautiful, yes. (Did you get my good side?)

We're all much happier.

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